The NFL Thread


Don’t hold back; tell us how you really feel. :wink:


Brady played his college ball at Michigan. Alexis went to Michigan State, where Michigan is pretty much their arch-rival.


Facts have nothing to do with it.

Same for me, Brady could be a decent guy at home, but Brady the player I have to hate contractually as a Peyton Manning fan.

edit: otherwise they’ll take my horseshoe away.

And god damn it, McAffee retired.


Yes. I hate his snide faces, his holier than thou attitude, the fact that he just couldn’t believe that he got caught cheating, that he tried to blame it on someone else. The fact that he knocked up two women at the same time. Shall I go on? He was a prick then and still is. I’m sure people dislike people I like too. But I still can’t stand Tom Brady. :slight_smile:


It is amusing to me to be reading the angry “blarg, he’s a jerk, blarg blark” post, while a puppy is wagging its tail in the corner of my eye.

*To be clear, not trying to minimize or disagree with your point of view / opinions - I have zero opinion about the issue/guy. I just like doggies.


Was it that he couldn’t believe he got caught cheating or that he was angry at being accused of cheating when he was innocent?

If you already hate Brady then you will think the former and see it as confirmation of your opinion, if you think he walks on water then you will think the latter.

I’m not in either camp, but I’ve had a look at the evidence and to me it looks incredibly suspect. I’m leaning towards the latter personally.

  • Evidence gathering was incredibly deeply flawed
  • The league broke its own rules when gathering the evidence
  • The league had no understanding of the science behind inflation pressures
  • There isn’t actually any solid evidence that the balls were deflated, let alone that there was a grand scheme to get it done
  • There is no evidence that lower inflation pressures actually help the quarterback - but consistent pressure does (you wouldn’t get consistency if the balls had been deflated in an ad-hoc manner)

As for him getting two women pregnant at the same time, that’s unfortunate timing, but his relationship with Bridget Moynahan ended before he knew she was pregnant. Even if it had ended after he knew she was pregnant that’s still just unfortunate rather than anything sinister.
Again, if you already hate Brady that will be more confirmation of your opinion, but I don’t see it as any different to anybody else who has a relationship break-up.


And doesn’t she live fairly close to THE Ohio State University?


Unfortunately yes. I was actually about 200 yards from the Horseshoe about half an hour ago. Blech. Now I feel the need to shower. :wink:

Actually, it’s a great town, and since we both hate the same team the fans aren’t too bad. Except for a couple of times a year. :slight_smile:

Worse is the fact that DH and I like different teams in the same conference in multiple sports. Tigers/Indians, Pistons/Cavs, OSU/MSU, and for a while Red Wings/Blue Jackets, though they have since moved to the Metro league and we are good.

But I still hate Tom Brady. :joy:


I also heard Ann Arbor is a whore, my OSU supporting wife keeps saying that.


She is. Big whore. Muck Fichigan. M Go Blow. :joy::joy::innocent:


And now the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas. Greed wins again. Screw you, NFL.


Wasn’t that confirmed a while back? Seems like I heard someone talking about that a few months ago.

Apparently, the Raiders are very popular with Mexican/Latin/Hispanic peoples. (not that it has anything to do with the moving topic)


It was a thing then it fell through then they got different financing and as of yesterday it’s official.


Ahh, gotcha


Not sure if this belongs here or in the RIP Thread, but…

Aaron Hernandez committed suicide in prison this morning


Your attention please:

The New England Patriots are currently tied for last in the AFC East, and Tom Brady’s passer rating puts him at #2 in the division.

Yeah, it’s only week 1 but it’s something.


Kneeling in football.

I used to watch football for entertainment. The sideshow started taking over the game ages ago. I’m not entertained by what’s happening now, so I don’t watch any more.

It’s not a boycott, and they have their freedom of expression, and the owners can do whatever they want about it. After ages of finding players for dancing, headbands, wrong colored shoes, armbands, dancing with other people, now the only player being physically shamed is the one who stood for the anthem from the Steelers.

I’d rather talk about my 8-8, if lucky, team than the fact that 8 of them took a knee.

Wouldn’t it be more effective for them to band together and buy ad time, or start a charity for legal defense? Hundreds of millionaires could certainly put together a business plan for an effective charity, especially with the league’s backing.


Congrats to @Force10, your team is no longer tied with Cleveland for the bottom of the NFL.

Eli doesn’t deserve this ending for his career. Imma go watch the NHL until June now.


They’re not my team anymore. I was pulling for Eli and the boys yesterday.


I understand the Chargers not being your team anymore but rooting for Eli? Kind of an “enemy of my enemy” thing?