The NFL Thread


It’s all about money. For Kroenke it sort of makes sense. Not so much for Spanos but then he’s not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to these things.


What money? Is there really money to be made in a city that multiple franchises have left in the past? People in LA barely even watched the Rams on TV this year!


The Rams’ relatives barely watched them this year.


It’s all about TV revenue and the supposed bump in the value of the franchises from being in the nations second largest market.


Man, how long are we going to hold on to the old TV ways until the tipping point comes?

The only reason I watch broadcast or cable TV is to watch football. And I only watched like three games this year. I went to one game live, and turned down tickets for two games. It almost seems like a step backwards, but I’d rather pay per game I watch, or want to have access to watch than deal with commercials and all the BS.

Why can’t I do with Football wha tthey do with Baseball and Basketball and buy online viewing?

And don’t all the people in LA that are going to watch the Chargers already watch the Chargers?


From what I recall from a reddit comment…
For NFL TV market purposes, LA was no man’s land prior to the 2016 season. As a result, LA always got the “national” games every week. If the Charges were in it, the Chargers were in it. If the “national” game was the Packers & Seahawks, that’s what LA got. And so on.

With the Rams’s move to LA, LA became the Ram’s home market (obviously) so even if there was an amazing game on for the national game of the week, the Rams were on in LA. And no one in LA wanted to watch the Rams on TV, so NFL ratings in the LA market were actually down significantly over 2015, despite there being an actual team in the city for the first time in 20 years.


The '86 Giants, 30 years later.

They’re pretty banged up.


Patriots win Super Bowl LI in incredible comeback!!!

Tom Brady G.O.A.T. end of story!!!


When the Falcons scored their final touchdown I said that was the end of the game.

Boy was I wrong.

That was the most incredible game of football I think I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t as if the Falcons did anything really badly, it was just that the Patriots overwhelmed them, attack and defence.

Disclaimer, I support the Steelers over everybody, but if the Steelers aren’t playing then I support the Patriots (I’m not rabid about either though). I’ve no doubt that the more one-eyed anti-Pats will disagree, but I would also say that Brady is the greatest ever.


I can’t stand the Patriots. The first half was beautiful, the second half was painful.


It’s lonely at the top! (as if I had anything to do with the victory)
I was surprised at the sheer numbers that booed Goodell.
Like’em or hate’em you have to give credit where credit is due.
Brady broke quite a few Suberbowl records yesterday.
Being from Boston, it’s frustrating to hear all the negativity towards the Patriots.
For years the Patriot were cellar-dwellers but still had a great following in New England.
Is Belichick arrogant? YES! But most (not all) people that excel in their fields are arrogant.
Bring on the DuckBoats!


Well, as a Bengals fan and then Colts fan, I come by my dislike honestly. I didn’t like the Pats before B&B were a thing. I lived in Cape Cod for 4 years as a Bengals “fan” as much as you can be a fan in elementary school.


Yes, you were who I was thinking of when I wrote “the more one-eyed anti-Pats” :smile:


Tower of dislike… Pats>Cowboys>49ers.

Though I’m better with the 49ers now.


I was too. I figured they’d be louder.


Iggles>Cowpokes>Washington>Maybe a few more>Pats


As a non-football person, my favorite teams are, in alphabetical order:
Bengals, because most of my kin is from Cinci
Redskins, because I was born outside DC
Texans, -ish, I guess, hometown team sorta
And probably my most favorite… whoever is playing against teh Cowboys

The game was on at my house because the wife turned it on, but I spent most of the time assembling my new grill (ooh, I should post in the new shiny thread!) To be fair, it was an impressive comeback.


I’ve hated Tom Brady since his Michigan days. He’s an arrogant, stuck-up, snotnosed little brat who can’t believe when things don’t go his way. Just don’t like him one bit. :grinning::innocent:


Color me surprised.


Are you basing your opinion on anything recent as well?
People change - I’d hate to be judged by who I was when I was 22.