The NFL Thread


That had to happen to be sure that Cleveland is such a losing team that they lose the contest of being the loserest team to my 2008 Lions. I tease my DH all the time that the Browns suck so bad they can’t even figure out how to win at sucking. :joy::joy:


DD8 and DD9 are sitting on the couch yelling at the TV telling the Browns how much they suck. Then they remarked that at least they will get the first pick in the draft, followed by “oh well, there’s always next year!” So well trained!


I was about to post this, but Schefter has better numbers than me. It’s not even Black Monday and already 6 teams are shopping for new HCs. But really only 5 count, Kubiak is retiring for health reasons.

I feel really bad for Raiders fans. First they lose Carr, which knocks them out of clinching the #1 spot in the AFC. Then they lose their second stringer and the game today, which knocks them out of the 1st round bye. Should have gone into the playoffs as a heavy favorite, now…heartbreak.


Reggie Bush is the first running back in NFL history to finish a season with negative yardage.


With a touchdown. So still better than half the RBs out there.


Didn’t expect this. Redskins HC Jay Gruden fired the entire defensive coaching staff.


Oh wow. I thought it was only the DC who got fired.


Snyder’s having another temper tantrum?


Rumor says it was Gruden who did the firing. perhaps at Snyder’s behest though. Would certainly fit his MO.


I dunno, from what I’ve gathered both he and Jerruh have, in recent years, stepped back from operations and actually allowed football people to handle stuff.


I had to laugh at the bottom two:


While the Lions didn’t help their case by playing like a bunch of junior high boys, it is really hard to win a game where not a single call goes your way. Non-calls, bad calls… While none of them alone would have changed the game, the sum of the effects really could have had a point swing. I know it’s part of the game, but when the refs apologize to your coach DURING THE GAME for a missed call, there’s a problem…


Guess I need a new team. Fuck you, Dean Spanos. :rage:


It sounds like this is a move that is making no one happy.


I feel for you. I consider myself lucky that I root for the one team that won’t ever move.


God, could you imagine the Packers moving? Wow. The whole town could retire then.

They’d all kill themselves right after, but man.

I still don’t understand how LA can support three teams when they haven’t been able to support one in the past.


What’s the 3rd LA team?


Sorry, two… I was thinking Raiders.

It’s San Fransisco that has two teams already. And New York, or actually New Jersey.


It’s funny, when the Raiders were in LA I called them the Oakland Raiders, and I don’t think I’d ever seen an Oakland Raiders game at the time because of my age.

I still don’t get what Kroenke & Spanos are thinking moving to LA.


No one would gain from it financially so it’s not likely to happen. From Wikipedia:

Based on the original “Articles of Incorporation for the (then) Green Bay Football Corporation” put into place in 1923, if the Packers franchise was sold, after the payment of all expenses, any remaining monies would go to the Sullivan-Wallen Post of the American Legion in order to build “a proper soldier’s memorial.” This stipulation was enacted to ensure the club remained in Green Bay and that there could never be any financial enhancement for the shareholders. At the November 1997 annual meeting, shareholders voted to change the beneficiary from the Sullivan-Wallen Post to the Green Bay Packers Foundation.