The NFL Thread


The Colt’s special teams used to huddle up and dance before kickoffs. It was like an impromptu Hakka to some bass heavy rap or rock song…

The next year it was illegal because it was intimidating.

This all started because of the fights after celebrations in the 90’s. Instead of fining the shit out of the fighters, they hammered the “instigators”. And it’s slid down the slope from there. For every harmless jump shot, there is Terrell Owens standing on the star in Dallas.

Frankly, you don’t want TO standing on your emblem, keep him out of the end zone. And I’d say that was a bit more than a celebration, but taunting. But again, the dude who hit him should have been ejected.

I used to enjoy the Iggy shuffle. And the end zone dances, and the group things… It was fun, and sometimes people get pissed, and we dealt with that. But people were freaking out about the violence in football.

I also think we should weaken the facemasks and reduce the padding. John Madden had a great article about that. We are making these guys into cars out there. You won’t lead with your helmet if it hurts.


Gronk puncture breathing thingy

OK, really I’m just posting it because of this sentence:

He somehow leads in the league in yards per catch at 21.6 despite being larger than most Rhinoceri.



Dear Cowboys Fans,


The NYG Defense


NYG Defense

Can we play you guys every week?

Thinking of you,
The Colts Offense


Jeff Fisher, the Teflon coach, finally fired by the Rams.


And yet Mike McCoy still has a job.


The Lions are in the playoffs! And a highish seed! And they still insist on making evey win a potential heart attack!


Enjoy it while it lasts. :stuck_out_tongue:


Minnesota takes their tailgating pretty seriously.


They showed footage of people doing that on the morning news. Me? I say stay inside.


Oh Lions… You really out-Lions-ed yourself tonight… :hushed::unamused::persevere:


If the Lions lose next week, the Giants go to Green Bay for the Wild Card round.

And we all know what happened the last two times the Giants went to GB in the playoffs :smiling_imp:


It’s all a set up for the next Sunday night showdown. :smile:


It wouldn’t surprise me. What with being penalized for tackling and all. The refs in Dallas are not our friend. Even the NFL Twitter account was confused…


Being a native of Wisconsin, I’ll be the one guy here pulling for the Green and Gold. :stuck_out_tongue:


The dumpster fire is out now, the Colts couldn’t even win in the worst division in Football.

Please, let us not fall into the pit of 10-20 years of 8-8 seasons. Let’s either just fall down to 2-14 or get back in it.


Not as much as the Chargers out Chargers-ed themselves on Saturday. Losing to 0-14 Cleveland? Really? I had a bad feeling about that game because it’s just been that kind of season. If Mike McCoy still has a job after the KC game next week I call shenanigans.

I swear Spanos is telling them to purposely suck so the fans get frustrated and don’t care when they move to LA.


The Giants nearly let their game against Cleveland get away from them


The Blundertwins era in Buffalo is over.

Edit: And Tyrod Taylor benched for EJ Manuel. Very interesting. Getting some resume footage for EJ for a trade or free agency?

Edit 2: Apparently it’s a business decision. If he finishes the season this way, he’s guaranteed $15M. If he gets hurt and young QBs have been fragile lately), it’s almost $31M.