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It took 700 days but we got Victor Cruz back! I was hoping last week wasn’t just a fluke with his game-winning TD (and the fine for this celebration was totally worth it) and today he pulled in a clutch 3rd-down pass to set up an easy game-winning TD.

Also, watching Sterling Shepard, I now realize that I’d forgotten what it’s like to have three receivers on the team.


Sanchez didn’t last long in the Broncos uniform, did he?

At least Dallas hasn’t needed his services yet. Thus far, Dak is making a strong argument for letting Old Man Romo rest that back a few more weeks.


Colts new Defense unveiled for next weeks game.


Dude, 3 straight 0-2 starts for the Colts? WTF?


Management is faltering, they can’t stay the course and trust the people they put in charge, therefore they meddle, and break crap.

And PAganno is a defensive coach, and plays his offense too cautiously until it’s too late to help.


IMHO, NYG management (ownership) has the opposite problem - they’re trusting/loyal to people to a fault. Love Tom Coughlin, but he shouldn’t have been there last season.

Yesterday, Eli put up a 104 passer rating, better than 75% completion percentage, over 350 yards, no INTs…and our only touchdown was a blocked FG taken to the house.

Considering that last year’s matchup against NO ran up 102 points, each QB throwing 6+ TD, both passer ratings north of 130, yesterday’s game was shockingly low-scoring. The $200M the Giants spent on defense in the off-season paid off huge in shutting Brees down. If only we could get such production out of the offense.


The following teams will be starting rookie QBs on Sunday, two of which are 3rd-stringers:

  • Cleveland (RG3 out 10-12, Josh McCown out with a hurt shoulder as well, Cody Kessler steps in)
  • Dallas (Romo out w/ broken back, Dak Prescott is the starter over The Sanchize)
  • New England (Brady suspended, Garappolo sprained AC joint yesterday, Jacoby Brissett has to step in)
  • Philadelphia (Carson Wentz got the nod when Sam Bradford was traded to Minnesota after Teddy destroyed his knee)


Pat McAffee is our third string QB, I’d pay to watch that.


Edelman is the emergency QB for New England. Steve Weatherford was ours, I think it’s Odell Beckham Jr now because why the hell not, he can do everything else (he’d likely win a Punt, Pass & Kick contest in a landslide victory. In their prime, Cunningham or Flutie might have given him a run for his money though).

He can throw a spiral with either hand and can throw the ball a good distance with either hand as well.

In case you’re curious, last year’s emergency QB roundup (whence I lifted the above quote) is here

In other news, sorry to hear about Woodhead’s knee, @Force10


Woodhead has an MCL sprain. He’ll be fine in a couple weeks so we dodged a bullet there. The Keenan Allen injury last week was a heartbreaker though. Glad to see we have an OC who knows how to use Gordon this year. And the defense came to play for once. Looks like Mike McCoy has managed to keep his butt off the hot seat for at least a week.

Casey Hayward and Travis Benjamin might be two of this season’s better free agent pickups.


Sorry to burst your bubble, but Schefter reported it’s a tear 30 minutes ago and here’s the followup article:


Ouch. I was on my back for two weeks and on crutches for another month after the surgery to fix mine.


Well fuck. Can we please fire the strength and conditiong coach already?


I was saying this for years with the Giants.

Under McAdoo, we have new trainers and S&C coaching and it shows in the team’s relative health.


Anyone else think Tony Romo might be sweating thinking about his chances of getting his job back in a few weeks?


Good news, the Colts are upgrading their defense.


Not really, @dakboy. I’m still shaking my head over the dumpster fire my Bolts have become.

Good luck with that stadium vote next month.