The NFL Thread


Just found another alternative if people are somehow not interested in watching the game. Not only does Animal Planet have Puppy Bowl playing, but the Hallmark Channel brought back the Kitten Bowl for the third year.


And the award for the best scramble of Super Bowl 50 goes to the back judge for getting out of the way of that fourth quarter fumble. :grinning:


So, which city is hosting the riot this year?


There actually wasn’t one in Denver believe it or not.

And if Peyton doesn’t retire this year I will be shocked as shit. 200th win, 2nd Superbowl, take it and run man.

BTW, Puppymonkeybaby haters, if its the next day and you are still talking about the commercial, it wasn’t a bad commercial.


As if the other two wasn’t enough, the Nat Geo Wild channel had their Fish Bowl. Yes, it was a fishbowl, where you can watch fish swim slowly around.


But first he has to drink a lot of Budweiser


Best game winning quote ever. Screw Disney World, I’m drinking a lot of beer.

And this morning during the interview on the Today show they thanked him for getting up so early and apparently he gave them a look and was like nope, this is a continuation of last night.


Demarcus Ware was surprisingly alert on GMA.


I read a comment a couple of weeks ago (not on here) that said basically that everyone knows that the NFC has far better teams and that the Patriots were just rolling towards another AFC championship. They also said that the Panthers were going to win the superbowl at a canter.

Hmmm… I hope that comment was tongue-in-cheek (though I suspect not), otherwise that person should be feeling pretty stupid right now:

  • AFC divisional games were all within 7 points, the final was just a missed extra point away from overtime.
  • Panthers waltzed through both their games (the only reason the Seahawks came within 7 was because the game was already won at half time).
  • Who won the superbowl exactly?

I know I’m probably a pleb and purists will scorn me for this, but I prefer games where the attack is dominant. I didn’t really enjoy this superbowl, which is a shame as it’s the first one I’ve managed to see live for a good number of years :cry:


It was a defensive battle for sure. Not the most exciting game to watch but it proved once again that defense wins championships.


Funnily enough the man who benefited the most from that this time was one of the few to prove it wrong in his day.

Though the argument can be made, by me at least, that the Colts had just enough defense when they needed to to win. The defense we had in the playoffs was nothing like the one we had that regular season. OTOH, if you are used to getting two or three touchdowns ahead in the first quarter you can sit back and pummel people all day.


I remember the creepy creature. I still don’t know what it was advertising. And I’m an avid commercial watcher. My brain just blanked this entire one out, I think…


They’re already comparing it to the GOP line-up.


Ohh, Rubio’s head on Cruz’s torso, with Trumps legs.

Trumps hair would be better, but I just can’t call him a puppy.


Wait, am I allowed to call Cruz a monkey?

It was cool with Bush, but I’m super racist if I call Obama that. Can I get a ruling?


Actually, they’re saying Jeb is the monkey, because he’s finally learned not to pee on himself. Trump is the baby, because he has tiny hands [sic] and he throws temper tantrums.

I don’t remember who they were saying the puppy was. It might have been Rubio.


Potential candidates for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2021: Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson, Marshawn Lynch, Jared Allen, Calvin Johnson.

I’d love to see Peyton & Woodson go in together. Drafted #1 & #4 in '98, both finalists for the Heismann in '98 (Woodson took it).

The other 3 likely aren’t 1st-ballot.


I’d like to see that as well.


I know they got him for a pittance but really, Mark Sanchez to the Broncos? I know he’s going to probably be the back up but still why even bother?


First image of Sanchez in a Broncos uniform.

They’d be better off with Tebow again.