The NFL Thread


Rams to LA, Chargers maybe, Raiders stay in Oakland. I want to know which 2 owners voted against the move. A couple years ago, I’d assume that Ralph Wilson was one of them.

The Rams will play in the Coliseum until a new stadium in Inglewood is complete.

I almost feel like the Chargers have to run to LA now, after how ownership has treated the fans and players lately.


Best case scenario is Spanos sells the team to an owner who isn’t a complete bag of dicks (and actually knows football) and they stay in SD. But that won’t happen. Maybe now he’ll come back to the negotiating table with the city but I doubt it. He has his heart set on a downtown stadium and refuses to even look at the site in Mission Valley where Qualcomm currently sits. Never mind that it has ample parking plus a trolley station and is close to two freeways (I-8 and I-15). A downtown stadium would seriously hamper any convention center expansion (which is desperately needed to keep Comic Con from also bolting (no pun intended) to LA) unless they choose a different location than the one they have proposed. Not to mention the traffic nightmare. It’s already bad enough with Petco and the Padres don’t draw near the crowds the Chargers do. If the Chargers do stay in SD (and I hope they do even after all these shenanigans because I’ve been a fan since I was 6), Spanos has some major kissing up to do. Not that he will. Would be nice to see the Super Bowl in SD again (Super Bowl XXXVII was the last). With a new stadium we’d go into the heavy rotation with Phoenix, New Orleans, and Miami. I bet LA gets a Super Bowl when the new Rams stadium opens.

Alex Spanos (Dean’s dad) would have never pulled this crap.


Stadium is supposed to open in 2019, so it’d probably be 2021 for the Super Bowl.


Chip Kelly to San Francisco.

Wow. That’s going to be hilarious to watch.


Oh those poor Niners fans. My friend wanted Hue Jackson and was bummed when he went to Cleveland. I don’t think he’ll be happy about this.


Don’t worry. The Browns will “part ways” with him in a couple of years like they do with every coach. Then he can have him.

Cleveland: Where coaches and quarterbacks go to die…


Play the Broncos and punt from their 39 yard line, you should lose the game.


Wow. Today’s games could not be any more different. Carolina has absolutely destroyed Arizona, while the final (maybe) Peyton vs Brady was down to the wire.


Carson Palmer’s stat line.

200 yards passing, 1 TD, 4 INT, two fumbles lost.


Maybe next year, buddy.


Patriot fan tears are the tastiest.

And Manning is giving every sign of a Swan Song. Big talk with Brady and Billychick after the game, letting his kids into the press conference. I don’t think the Broncos can pull off the win, but I bet he’s done either way. Getting awful close to a Micheal Jordan comeback like season.

And Cam Newton loves playing football.


I get that Palmer has a bad finger, but still…ouch. The whole team really fell apart.

Fitzgerald dropped 2 passes last night. He dropped 2 in the entirety of the 2015 season. The man doesn’t drop passes. And the defense just got burned so many times by the Carolina offense.


Not ready for prime time.


I can’t disagree with a single thing you wrote, @Woodman.

Especially Brady’s tears.


I dunno. That team was pretty damn good all season. And Palmer put up a career year. The wheels just seemed to come off last night.


Kind of like McNabb and the vomitbowl.


It’s now come out that NFL Films caught at least Peyton’s side of the conversation w/ Belichick and he said “this may be my last rodeo. it’s been a pleasure.”

I’m not ready for an NFL without Peyton Manning.


I’d like to tell Cam Newton about a man named Warren Moon.

I wrote this and then I decided to look something up about Moon and found that he was one of Cam’s mentors.

So now I really don’t understand his comments about being a black quarterback. He might be dealing with some issues because of the recent busts in Russell, RGIII, and Vince, but you could also point at plenty of white quarterbacks who were a waste of a draft pick in the last 20 years.

I like Cam Newton, but I’m a bit disappointed about his statement.


Pats’ center was telegraphing the snap in the AFCCG

Denver’s defense is good enough as it is. But let them have the jump on every snap and you’re gonna have a bad time.


That sucks for him.


I hope Los Angeles is better at writing contracts than St. Louis was.