The NFL Thread


The Chargers are playing Miami this weekend. I call it the Toilet Bowl.


For reasons I don’t understand, I had a dream last night that Roger Goodell was the former NFL Commissioner.

Also, I would like to know why the hell the Panthers were carrying baseball bats around on the field pre-game.


They were about to play the Patriots?


I said baseball bats, not shivs.


To get in Odell Beckham Jr’s head for the most part. Considering the results, with OBJ having a very bad first half, it looks like it worked pretty good. (Mind you, Josh Norman took one heck of a bonk for his troubles. He is lucky he wasn’t hurt.)


What say you, @Force10?

Eric Weddle was fined $10,000 by the team for watching his daughter partake in a halftime performance during Week 15’s game

Is ownership trying to reach new lows?


That’s absolute horseshit. Ownership has treated him like crap all season and even during the last offseason. My take is Weddle will go where he is appreciated (maybe to the Pats for two rings like another great safety we had back in the day), Spanos will move the team to LA (where IMO he has greatly overestimated his fan base, LA is a Raiders/ Rams town) and the team I’ve followed since I was 6 years old will be dead to me. I wish Spanos would sell the team to someone who will keep them in SD (like the Wilson family did in Buffalo), but that’s a pipe dream. Guess I need to figure out who my new team is. Not the Raiders is all I know so far.


Never change, @Force10 :smile:


Black Monday started on the Tuesday following Week 16 this year. And continued this evening. The following teams are already in the head coach market:

  • Philadelphia
  • Miami
  • Tennessee
  • Cleveland (but when aren’t they?)
  • San Francisco

Other teams likely to be shopping this week:

  • New Orleans (rumor is SF will be courting Sean Payton, and he already has permission to talk to other teams)
  • New York Football Giants (hey, get us a new GM too please)
  • Detroit (seriously, how is Jim Caldwell still employed?)
  • Indianapolis
  • New England (hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?)


I would rather have a new general manager. Pagano isn’t a bad coach most of the time, but he apparently has no input into personnel decisions. He’s had two micro managing managers, one of whom was one of the best in the league ever, but even then should have been talking to the coaches more.


Bolts are keeping McCoy as head coach. I hope to $Deity they get a new OC though. Frank Reich was a good QB in his day but he can’t gameplan to save his life.

If they move to LA this is all null and void of course. But I read an article this morning that the NFL will be charging a $550 million relocation fee to any team that moves and I don’t think Dean Spanos has that kind of cash.


Wow. That’s pretty hefty. Hopefully it will cut down on the “if you don’t give us a stadium, we’ll move the team” crap.


Yeah. Maybe they’ll quit telling the mayor to pound sand now WRT his stadium proposal.


Not unexpected, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less.


Jerry Jones open to ‘risks’ at quarterback

Johnny Manziel & RG3 both want to play for Dallas (and let’s not forget that Jerry Jones has already expressed a lot of interest in Johnny Football)

So let’s just hand the NFCE to Washington again next year.


Tom Coughlin had a presser today to address the media and team. Started 5 minutes early, natch. I haven’t watched the whole thing but AP posted the very end, where he addressed the question “what would your message be to Eli”

If you skip to 17:45 in the full event, he’s looking and pointing straight at Eli as he makes those statements.


OK, one more, sorry.

If you’ve got the Netflix. go watch 30 for 30: Four Falls of Buffalo. It’s a surprisingly positive take on the 1990-1994 Buffalo Bills and everything they went through.


Pagano and Grigson make it for four more years.


It’s the and part that makes me go 'what the…?'
Those two do not like each other and should not be part of the same organization. Irsey just not noticing this or what?


I think it’s possible they were both on the chopping block and saved each other out of necessity.

Don’t have to like each other. Polian set the example of GM knows best, and often he did, but he also didn’t listen to coaches much. There were some choices he made that just didn’t make sense. I think Grigson tried to operate the same way, but isn’t as good so it showed up more.

A blind man could have told you the O line was more important this year than more receivers.