The NFL Thread


In 3 games today, the first points on the board were safeties, all being credited to the home teams.

Someone call Elias Sports Bureau, that’s gotta be a first of some kind.

I’m watching the Giants/Cowboys game now and the first quarter was like watching Keystone Cops with a Yakety Sax soundtrack. What a cluster.


I’m just happy to be cheering on the Seahawks again. :wink: Our offices are about a block away from the games, though.


Go Colts!

Still miss Manning, but it is nice to have more than one guy on the team now.


6 turnovers and only lost by 5 points.

27/42 for 450 yards, 4 TDs, a 90-plus yard INT return, and almost certainly bruised if not cracked ribs on Romo and the Giants couldn’t turn that it into a win.

We’ll start 0-2, because there’s no way we can beat Denver on Sunday playing like that.


The AFC is a weak-ass mess. If the season ended right now, the 6th seed would be the Jets, at 5-5. Only seven teams in the conference have a .500 or better record.


Or maybe the AFC is so awesome they all beat each other up so much.


Your precious NFC East is a mess too. :stuck_out_tongue:
My Chargers are officially in last place in the AFC West after that debacle in Miami on Sunday. For the love of all that’s holy draft some more O-line next year.


I never said it wasn’t.

I gotta say it felt a little weird cheering for Rob Ryan a few weeks ago. After getting canned by Jerry Jones, he said “whatever, I’ll have a new job in 5 minutes”, he landed in New Orleans and then when Dallas played them he was vindicated.


Hearing a lot of booing at Qualcomm Stadium this afternoon. GTFOver it, Chargers fans. It’s been a decade and you got the statistically better QB out of the deal.

Can’t wait to see Carolina & New Orleans on MNF tomorrow. Gonna be a helluva show.


I loved the booing, dak. I loved the result of the game even more. Eli’s tears were so tasty.


So whose teams are still in the playoffs? Mine is. :smile:


I got a gift almost as good as the playoffs - Kevin Gilbride is no longer employed by the Giants.


The Indianapolis Lucks are still in it. And we even get to play that Brady chick next.


I hear you. He was the head coach of my Bolts back in the mid-late 90’s after Bobby Ross (the only coach to ever take the Chargers to the super Bowl) was stupidly fired. Years of suckitude were had that were only banished with the hiring of Marty Schottenheimer in 2002.


How dysfunctional are the Washington Redskins?


Is that a rhetorical question?


Tom Brady PSA


Tom Brady’s tears are the sweetest.

The dude needs to learn some emotional control. I don’t know who leads that offense but it isn’t him. He was pretty hip yesterday, giving up before it went mainstream and all.

And please God, can we put the Peyton chokes in the playoffs meme away now. The Colts went one and done because they weren’t a complete team, the quarterback can’t carry an entire team against competent opponents. (For example, see A. Luck 2013 season)

This does bring up an interesting thing. If Peyton Manning wins this Super Bowl, and then somehow gets another one before retiring in the next year or two, will he be remembered as a Colt or a Bronco?


I think Peyton will retire a Colt (the one-day contract thing) and will be enshrined in Canton as one. If he manages to tie Brady’s SB win count, I believe he’ll take the title of GOAT too. Brady is in the twilight of his career now.

The two games yesterday could not have been more different. The big one will be very interesting. Denver has the edge though, IMO.

How about that NFCCG, eh? Officials were terrible, the teams were sloppy, and everyone was getting chippy right from kickoff. That Bowman fumble/strip/injury was completely botched by the officials.


I didn’t watch the second game, I got hooked on Attack on Titan yesterday and watched about 8 episodes in a row. In an ideal world I would have had the game on the big TV, and watched AoT on my laptop with headphones. But I’m not the only person in the house, so to make sure I had Netflix access I watched it on my bedroom TV.