The fires are getting a bit too close to home


Oh, the Cheeto blamed it on the forest control?? What an ill in formed twit.


Of course if PG&E (and SoCal Edison and SDG&E) would do regular maintenance and make sure everything is up to spec, we wouldn’t have near the fire issues we do. The big fires in San Diego in 2007 were caused by malfunctioning SDG&E equipment that they were well aware of. When the state and county sued them for damages they tried to pass that cost onto their customers. There was a lawsuit and the judge told SDG&E to pound sand.


PG&E has upped their maintenance schedules since last year’s big fires. No one is going to be happy about the measures that PG&E is going to have to take, because it’s going to mean utility bills are going to go up. I agree that they need to make sure that the equipment is better maintained, but it’s going to cause some hardship for people to pay the raised rates. It’s a no win situation from what I see. :frowning:


Or they could take some of those fat shareholder payouts and use it for good instead.


You know better than that.


There is no way in hell that would ever happen.


The fires reached the Paramount Ranch and burned down the Western Town in Westworld.


56 dead, 103 still missing.


Man i wish the counts for both where 0.


Jesus. And it’s only what, 30% contained?


Shareholders is what is wrong in this world today. The customer is the most important, not the fatcat CEO or fatcat shareholder.


Preaching to the choir there. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be shareholders because you need people to invest in your company. I just don’t think they should be priority one.


This sucks. Death count is up to 63, and the fire is 45% contained.


At risk of totally derailing the conversation, as a person with a 401k, I’m a shareholder. As is anyone with a pension. Shareholder and Fat Cat are very seldom equal anymore.

And back on topic, as far as I can tell Trump is quoting the California’s own investigation from 2017,and multiple errors analysisesises… analysi?

I’ve heard articles complaining about the lack of proper forest management in California as long as I can remember. I know there are other contributing factors as well.



And now it’s raining. Good to help put out the fires and stop the spread, but now we’re getting flash flood warnings and search for remains is going to be much harder now.


Yup its all around bad news


95% contained now thanks to the rain.


Pleasure …


Our president is an idiot.