The fires are getting a bit too close to home


This isn’t the same set of fires, but it’s still too close to home.

It’s enough to cause the air quality in my area to be pretty bad due to the smoke.

Thank you to the Australia and New Zealand firefighters who have come to help us out!


I would really like it if it was clear again, the smoke is screwing with my lungs.


Yeah. I’ve been staying inside for the last couple of days, and it’s wreaking havoc with my exercise (or lack thereof now).


Yeah I have a bad habit of sleeping with my windows open and its just not good to wake up to a smog filled room.


We’re on fire again! The fire was 5000 acres a couple of hours ago and is now up to 17,000 acres. It is spreading south, which means my direction, but it is still 150 miles away. We’re expected to continue gusty, windy weather for the next 22 hours or so, with no rain in sight.

Butte County fire


That explains the weather warning on PoGo


Air quality site for CA


All of the best! Hopefully the fires will be contained.


5% contained this morning. It’s a new record for most destructive fire. The third record breaker in two years. :frowning:


But climate change isn’t real. /sarcasm

It’s also a new record for the deadliest fire (in CA at least). 29 confirmed dead so far. :frowning:


Ouch. Not nice.


Up to 42 dead, 228 missing. :frowning:


Holy shit. Its worse than i thought. Maybe i should pull my head out of the dirt.


Yikes! That is bad.


Death count up to 48. :cry:
Edit: It’s 35% contained now, at least.


Im sure that count will climb as they start looking for missing people.


If only you had decent forest control it wouldn’t have happened.


It wasnt a forest control problem, it was brush fire, that was started by PG&E. They also set the last huge brush fire in CA.


He’s just quoting our Toddler in Chief.

PG&E tried to contact the owner of the property with the malfunctioning equipment, but they didn’t get a response in time.


Yeah, you and I both know that. Other people do not.