The Chronicles of Project X (opinions needed)


So, Project X is starting to look more serious as we dig into what we graphically can and cannot do within the confines of iOS. As it turns out these confines aren’t actually all that restrictive at all, which is a pleasant change. I digress.

Basically, we’re building a game in a genre which is… well lets just say it’s not under-represented in iOS, but all examples of it hitherto leave you feeling like you went into the takeaway for a pizza and came out with a scone with ketchup and cheddar on it, and there’s microtransactions to get it cooked. We want to do our game well, and by jove we’re going to do it well.

So, the opinion I’m hovering around for: should we -

a) start now

See, when I originally thought of it, it was going to be desktop based like the overwhelming majority of the competition. Then the husbear was like “hey, Augmented Reality - also there’s more iPads in the wild than Macs” and after mulling over it, I thought yes, why not. So shoop, iOS time. Project Marzipan means it can be both, with barely any additional effort (hopefully). The downside is that the augmented reality portion doesn’t appear to exist on macOS so that would then have to be an optional thing, which makes everything trickier.

Still though, the idea of being able to hop between a Mac and your iPad to continue the same game appeals to me, and it also means having a slightly wider market than just going for iOS, and a much much bigger market than just going for macOS.

Widnows version? Well. Maybe. Direct3D looks like a real bitch though, and we’d have to learn stuff from scratch which will take longer. Maybe for the second version several years later. We want it to be polished well, not published fast.

Project X’s real name will be unveiled once I’ve secured the URL I’m looking for. Further details to be announced once I’m happy talking about it to the wider public (sorry guys, it’s a bit close to heart right now).