The Bitching Hour Strikes Again



I’ve been there. Could make for an interesting work day. :slight_smile:


What I said:
It’s frustrating when $other_team forwards me messages like “X says the PC is freezing.” Those messages tell me nothing helpful, other than the user’s name. If I emailed them to say, “X says $other_team’s_product is terrible,” they’d be annoyed and need more info.

$Other_team has implied or straight-up told $users that recent issues are $my_software’s fault, then the network’s fault, then the PC’s fault. We test and/or upgrade each item and the $user’s situation doesn’t improve. $Users are frustrated, and I understand why. $Users think $other_team has a base level of IT knowledge. I’ve tried to maintain that illusion, but I won’t lie to them.

What I wanted to say:
$Other_team can barely function with $other_team’s_product, let alone comprehend an error message. They should’ve been given real training on basic troubleshooting a LONG time ago.

We all know that a new software platform for the whole company is coming, and it sure looks like the company is planning to dump $other_team when that happens. I get this. In the meantime, can we at least be straight with $users that we’re just limping along on this old software, and $other_team can’t help them?

No? Because $users are valuable to $company.TF, and might quit or demand more money to stay? Okay, then I would like more money to put up with being the scapegoat for all of the above.


Okay, here is the infamous “thong in the power supply” thread, from June 29, 2004, by Severine, Hands of the Bear: