The Bitching Hour Strikes Again


I have yet to have a job where I could wear shorts at work, maybe that’s just been bad luck. Sandals were only allowed at two jobs, and any gender could wear them. Current gig does not permit open-toed shoes, ever – same at most manufacturing jobs.


At my previous job we had casual Friday and shorts and flip flops were permitted, but the rest of the week not so much.


Last place I worked women could wear tanks, sleeveless shirts, leggings, flip flops, and sandals, as well as skorts/shorts/jorts whatever. Men can wear button ups or polos with their khakis.

Wearing skirts climbing under desks does seem really unreasonable. I have climbed under desks wearing slacks and an oxford, and ripped the shit out of them as well as grinding dust bunnies into my nice stuff… But yeah, not on the level of showing my ass under a desk.

The only one that grated on me too much was the specific prohibition on men in sandals including on casual days. The rest was pretty normal stuff. I’m surprised there are still dress codes that require dresses for women out there, or even mention makeup.

As far as excessive chestage, I had a boss who had issues buying shirts that fit right, I’d be talking to her while wondering how much longer those two buttons would be able to handle the strain. If I can see side boob and bra through the middle of the front of your shirt, I’m thinking maybe it’s not good office wear.


I do remember one coworker who got the job of running our data center and basically had to keep a set of jeans and a sweatshirt to change into if she had to work in the data center for part of a day. That job was extremely laid back on dress code (I described the dress code as “Yes, wear something.”) but managers and such had to dress up a bit more.


It was a couple decades ago, but yes, makeup, the length of earrings, the height of heels, the fabric of the suits were all mentioned. They had to relax the “No tattoos” clause when they realised I’d been with the company for two years with an ankle tattoo that was visible through my nylons.

Edit: Oh, the length of the skirt was important too. It had to bee within one inch of the knees, either above or below.


I’ve always gone with this ‘rule of thumb’ - If you have to look in the mirror and say to yourself, “Should I wear this to work?” you probably shouldn’t. Past that, I don’t care what someone wears as long as they get their job done.



Yeah, I’m sure he’s a real treat at company parties. Looks like he has some issues paying those well dressed consultants too.


He states that this is not his dress code, but the one that is imposed by his clients. Also, that there is no dress code for his company at all.


This is the BC default dress code for the USA
While this may seem overstated, a professional appearance is an absolute requirement for Burleson Consulting.

BC being the consulting firm that is represented by that website.

I’m not trying to be a chauvinist here

Says every chauvinist


Wow, that’s just, damn…


Well, to be fair he is right, he isn’t trying to be a chauvinist - it just comes naturally.


We have no dress code at current employer.

On the plus side I have a very trim, fit, younger female coworker who does NOT believe in “leggings are not pants.” She runs for exercise. It’s obvious.

On the negative side, we had one guy )now departed) who was a bit overweight, fairly hirsute, and liked shorts, tanks, and Birkies.

But mostly we all fall somewhere in between. T-shirts, polos, shorts, jeans, cargo pants. We only had 6 female staff in the office; with the recent acquisition and cutbacks we now have 3 - the dress and skirt ratio is therefore pretty low.


We are officially dress down if we’re not meeting people, and if we are, to dress appropriately for the people we’re meeting. This is a huge improvement over the previous official line of “thou shalt wear a suit” :smiley:


I don’t see the logic of a fancy pansy poncy dress/suit with tie in high summer with hotter-than-hell temperatures.


And then there’s this bit in response to a UK commenter…

Human rights squads? What, are you a communist?

That’s why we treasure living in the USA, where we have freedom from such squads.

Here in the free world, employers have an absolute right to make their employees dress as they see fit.


That’s why we went to war with England, to get away from oppression.

Here is the USA, we have the freedom to hire and fire people for any reason.


I wonder if the poster saw the inherent irony in that statement? I suspect not.


Email from HR yesterday: shorts and flip-flops are allowed. No day of week restrictions. The office may as well move to the “come as you are” section of Venice Beach.


If they did not specify how to wear those items, then I say, “Challenge accepted.”


User: Here is Excel file of a sampling of changes that need to be made across many database. Can you script?
Dakboy: Yes, if I have assurance that the final file is the same format.
U: Here is test file to run on one database. It is CSV and does not have critical column you were expecting.
D: Per our earlier (less than an hour) discussion, I need it to be the same. I have to redo part of my script now. But before I do that, will the final file match the original file you gave me, or are you going to make it CSV with all the columns I need?
U: Yes, it’ll be CSV and I’ll add the column

Time passes

D: OK, script is revised and I’ve run it on your test database. Please look at it
U: silence
D (after walking the office to find U in a meeting with 2 other people): Are you ready to test this? Because I want to go home (at this point I’d been awake since 0345 and in the office for nearly 10 hours)

Next morning

U: Here is second test file
D: (notices that the file’s column headers and encoding have changed :man_facepalming:

slightly later next morning
U: Here is final file
D: (notices that the columns headers are changed yet again, and extra blank fields in the CSV have appeared, and the encoding is still wonky) :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: