The Bitching Hour Strikes Again


That’s a bummer, but at least there’s an option. And hey, candy!


What did I… No… Just nope. A big fat nope.

Can I interest Madam in this secondhand Minuteman missile? Never been used, up to date with all the latest enhancements, fixes and a really vicious printerer on the side.


At the time, I think I would’ve taken you up on that. Or at least had a wishful moment thinking about it.


I literally have no words. I’ve dealt with a LOT of stupid or completely obtuse people in my career, but I have never EVER worked with someone that is this pants-shittingly-dumb. I’m legitimately wondering if the guy is developmentally disabled because he cannot begin to fathom the notion of simple instructions.

Fucking shitballs. I need a drink after reading that. You’re a Saint.


You have far more patience than I. I would have told whoever is above Mr. Sandwich - an account rep, executive email carpet bomb, whatever - that I need to speak with a new tech and tghat Mr. Sandwich is not to work on any of my support calls, ever.


I tried appealing to higher levels and was shot down. I expected $Vendor to shoot me down, but I was displeased that $manager and my boss not only didn’t back me up, but $boss.TF told me in the following annual review that I was “too unkind to our vendors” because I spoke “too frankly” about Mr. Sandwich and Chip (another story) in team meetings.

It’s one reason I’ve been quietly adding to my skillset and looking at other companies.


Your boss saw what the idiot was like and still said you were too unkind? I’d say the opposite - you weren’t unkind enough. Sandwich should have been gone from your account before the meeting involving VT2, and certainly should never have been put back on your account after that meeting.
Your bosses need a good swift LARTing.


My entire life I have been told to be “nicer,” “sweeter,” “smile more,” etc. It really felt like $boss was essentially saying that, or using it as an excuse to downgrade my performance.

Typically I speak (tactfully) about the facts and situation before me, and I think that is seen as too blunt for some people’s tastes. I’ve learned some interpersonal politics, but it’s difficult to know exactly what “manner” each manager wants. I’m sure some of the folks here deal with that. It’s exhausting, trying to be honest and get work done while performing for people.


I dislike sugarcoating. Speaking bluntly is the best. If I made a boo-boo, don’t be shy, inform me.

Otherwise I keep on doing it, and then it’ll be a problem later on.


That, unfortunately, is part of being female in a male dominated field. If you’re a man, you’re assertive. If you’re a woman, you’re a bitch.

Edit: That’s part of being raised female. I never heard anyone say that kind of stuff to my brother, but I sure heard it a lot. I even had people tell me stuff like, “You’d be really pretty if you wore makeup”


Truth. That and the dress code double standard are the daily irritants that will probably lead me to a rage-induced stroke.

As it says on one of my magnets, “I don’t have time for the nervous breakdown I deserve.”


Most dress codes I’ve worked in are much more generous for women. Business casual for men turns into khakis and a button up or polo, that’s it. And watch wearing chinos, those colors are getting a bit crazy.

And I’ve worked with ignorant vendors, but whew, it’s usually the two and I making fun of both our sales people.


It’s true that men’s choices are more limited, but I’m willing to bet that you’ve never been required to sling boxes or crawl around under desks wearing a straight skirt and heels.


Men’s choices are also cheaper, and rarely unavailable. Women’s clothing is “seasonal,” so there could be nothing at local stores that’s work-appropriate.


I’ll take that bet.


Key word there is “required.” I have no doubt you were quite fetching tho, Rizak. :slight_smile:


We have a young lady where I’m currently at that’s had to deal with this junk. She and I are friends. She’s one of the Devs and we go to lunch and she’s part of my out-of-work D&D group.

She regularly has to meet with other lines of business internally and externally, so she was told that she needed to be business casual for her attire. Okay, no big deal - we’re all in that boat for the most part. She got reprimanded for her choice of outfits a month or two ago because (bluntly) it made her boobs look too big. She’s obviously on the bustier side of the spectrum, but scolding someone for something like that seems really stupid.


Tell her that I feel her pain. I have a supply of tank tops that sometimes ruin a look but generally cover the goods. Of course, it’s miserable in the warm weather to have 3+ layers on top when my male coworkers have one, but that’s how it is.

My first job’s dress code was heels, pantyhose, skirts, and makeup at all times for female staff. It didn’t matter if you were moving equipment all day, you had to wear that. The only time pants were permitted was as part of a “formal” three-piece suit, expected to be designer-quality. Being a teen, that wasn’t gonna happen, so dresses and skirts for me. And there were definitely creeps working there who took advantage of the skirts.


Counterpoint: Men can’t wear sandals or shorts in that warm weather. Everyone suffers, just different halves of our bodies.


Well, that’s not necessarily factual. It depends on the company.

I’ve been at places where men and women alike could wear tank tops, flip-flops, and shorts. We’re allowed to wear shorts during the summer where I’m at. There’s still the unwritten rule of using common sense. Like, if you’re gonna meet with the CIO, don’t show up in booty-shorts and a tube top. I got scolded for doing so :wink: (lol)