The Big Bang Theory

She is, but in her own backwards east-Texas hyper religious way, she means well.

Leonard’s mom OTOH sees her children (or at least Leonard) as nothing more than a 40-year experiment in psychology.

And at least Sheldon’s mom gave it up to Sheldon’s dad a little more than for procreation and a pro forma consumption of the marriage.

After he got laid with Leonard’s mom, I was surprised the writers didn’t have Sheldon doing the whole “I got laid, so now I’ll act like a gigolo/Casanova” thing.

One meme that has gotten truly ridiculous, IMO.

I gotta go with Woody. I got in trouble once for tweeting from my work account that I thought “Big Bang Theory” was basically nerd blackface.


I’d have to agree with that, and would put “The IT crowd” in the same category (only worse).

Agreed. Both are terrible.

(Sorry! I know folks love the shows, but I think they’re just insultingly bad!)

Well, I admit that most sit-coms make me embarrassed to be a human being. One reason among many that I don’t have a TV.

When the hell did this happen?

I believe it was the first time she appeared on the show. The same episode where she decided Wolowitz and Raj were having an “ersatz homosexual relationship”.

They didn’t have sex.

They played Rock Band together, with the conversation leading up to it making you think they were going get into bed.

We are talking about season 2, episode 15, “The Maternal Capacitance”?

I remember a conversation in the living room, where they were discussing the valuable data that they could produce by having sex.

Although I didn’t watch the whole episode. The roommates were watching it, I was just passing through to get coffee.

Sex was never actually stated - it was implied by the conversation, but they were actually talking about playing Rock Band.

(Getting here late)

Yeah, what ^^^ he said.

It was carefully crafted, with every insinuation… but they were not talking sex, and the show ended (if I remember right) with them doing Guitar Hero or something similar.

WAY late on this one, but I’m all over Bernadette. Petite, stacked, strange voice. I have a thing for women with odd voices. Jennifer Tilley is a prime example of that for me.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

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