The Big Bang Theory

Last night’s epi was all about relationships. I began to think about who in TBBT cast I would be most attracted to and would go out with if I was not already spoken for.

Most straight men would would prolly pick Penny but she really is not my type. Bernadette, while smart, cute, and very funny would drive me crazy with that voice.

I eventually decided on Raj’s girlfriend, Emily. She is a vet (I love dogs), has a dark sense of humor (ahem!) and certainly not least, I have always had a thing for gingers.

Any other thoughts? This is just for fun. Male/female, straight/gay…feel free to comment.

Fortunately, that’s a fake voice she uses. As the seasons have gone on she seems to have had trouble keeping a consistent voice for the character.

I have a feeling Penny (the character, not Kaley Cuoco herself) is a functional alcoholic and has somehow managed to hide it from everyone.

Of the three you gave us here, we know the least about Emily,but she also seems like the one with the least baggage and the most reasonable & level-headed. Bernadette being a close second. Bernadette comes across as a bit controlling, but I think she has to be because of the man-child she’s married to.

Is this just a really polite version of F, Marry, Kill?

I have enough of my own mental health issues to deal with, thank you.

Been there, done that. No effin’ way, never again.

“Fortunately, that’s a fake voice she uses.” – yes, am aware (her interviews on late night TV are hilarious)…I was speaking only of the on screen persona.

“Is this just a really polite version of F, Marry, Kill?” – Never really played that but I guess in a way it is. I was just curious how the board here would answer being most of us are “geekish” in one way or another.

I hate to admit that I’m about a year behind, but I am. :cry:
I pretty much agree with ElGee…
I’m not sure I remember the Vet, but I too have a thing for redheads. Mmmmm.
Bernadette - I don’t know that I could take the voice long term, but smart, cute, funny and BUILT. Yowza.
Penny - I don’t love the short hair, but she’s definitely attractive, very appealing.
And what about poor Amy Farrah Fowler? She’s not all dolled up, but there is potential there. And there’s nothing wrong with eager :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The old tagline for Lay’s potato chips comes to mind… No one can eat just one.

Hmmm… If I had to choose, I’d choose Leonard. He’s the one with the fewest irritating quirks of them. Second choice would probably be Raj. I’m several seasons behind, though, so I may have missed someone if they were introduced later.

You see a lot more of Stewart in the later ones than in the earlier ones. He’s the guy that owns the comic shop.

It occurs to me that this is exactly the kind of discussion they would have on The Big Bang Theory, speculation about an imaginary relationship with a fictional character. I’m trying to figure out which of you guys is Wolowitz.


Aside from the Master’s from MIT & being a skeevy wannabe-womanizer and having a PhD wife with an incredibly high-paying job and…wait, I guess it’s not really me, is it?

The show has never really appealed to me. I’ve watched a couple episodes, but meh.

I haven’t gotten into a sitcom since Friends. Not that it set the bar so high or anything, just none of them sparked an interest enough to watch them. I’m missing huge chunks of conversational shortcuts.

I have no wacky belt buckles, so I call “not it.”

Fun fact - doesn’t really apply to the conversation:
Jim Parsons (Sheldon) went to my high school. He was a freshman the year after I graduated, so he was in the same class as my youngest sister. I think he was in band with her, because she knew him pretty well back in the day.

I don’t think there’s ever been any rules against topic drift with this crowd. I mean, sure, the TOS everyone agrees to on sign-up means that the mods can come to your house with a sack of oranges, but for some of them I think they just like sharing citrus fruits. It’s kind of awesome, really.


If anything, there are unwritten guidelines encouraging it.

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I had guidelines once when it came to creating tuna salad. But then I realized I didn’t have enough plates to keep it going that way. But I do like salad.

Anyone ever tried dandelion salad?

I saw your post while I was eating my tuna salad sandwich.

It was more lettuce than tuna. And I asked for onion, not lettuce.

I am not smart enough to be any of them. I don’t think I am much like any of them. I am probably more like Penny’s dad :smile:

I like Wyatt. Bernadette’s dad kind of grew on me too, but he went up the stairs, never to be seen again.

I do not care for Leonard’s mother. What a horrible person.

Sheldon’s mom is a piece of work as well.

I was hoping Sheldon’s mom would punch out Leonard’s mom when they met a couple of episodes ago, but alas, no.

Leonard’s mother explains why he can deal with Sheldon so well, though.