That face when…

…you make a quick change and it nukes the whole site.



…how are you?


I fine!! I got apple juice and two free passes to Girls! Girls! Okay that could be a dude! Girls! The newest hit Broadway musical!!!

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ugly fat cow probably wiffed of wet snoek.
she sidles up alongside everyone in the line “looking” at the stuff on the shelves on the way to the tills.
at this point, the woman in front of me figure out her trick very quickly and move forward.
fat ugly cow then “picks” something off the shelf and sidesteps directly into the line (she is now about 5 ppl ahead of me).
i go to her and remind her where the line starts, and she needs to take her place. she then tells me she has been there all the time.
and so it begins.
i return for my trolley, wheel forward and push in front of her. once in place, i invite those who were ahead of me to come forward and resume their spot in the line.
fat cow starts barking, i bark back. she raises her voice, i return the favour.
by now the natives in the line are getting restless and chipping in while the cashiers are getting twitchy.
fat bitch carries on barking.
i step out of my place and go to the front of the line and make a request to all present that we allow fat pig to take the very next available till, as she feels she is terribly important and self entitled and thus we should all bow down as she passes.
manager quickly gets extra staff and opens all till to prevent a riot and subsequent massacre on the floor.


Boring conversation anyway.

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Luke, we’re gonna have company!

And she still thinks she’s right.

And you should have seen my face when I saw that my total medical bills have broken $120k. Of which I’m on the hook for about $5.

You must have really good insurance.

Hah, $5k I mean.

Still okay in comparison to what your insurance is paying,
Not great, because who wants to spend that much on medical bills, but way better than it could have been.

Insurance is a great deal when you hammer it. It’s when you are sort of sick that it sucks.

Paying $5k out of $120k is awesome. Paying $3k out of $7k sucks.

Why do some topics have a dividing line between them and some don’t?

Not sure what you mean—can you post a screenshot?

Is it the divider put in when a topic is ‘dead’ for a while? I.E. if there’s no conversation in a thread for a while, it puts a separator in to make that visible.

There’s a faint gray line between posts. I thought they had disappeared, but it was just the angle I was looking at my laptop screen.

The dead topic notifier usually has two gray lines, above it and below it, and they are a little heavier.

Between the first topic and the second there is no line. Also between Gun topic and Excel help.

It doesn’t really matter, I was just wondering why.

That’s weird. I have a line between all of the topics. It looks like you’re using Firefox too…

I am, on windows 7.

I"m using Chrome on Windows 10 and my page is displaying a line between each topic.

I am also on Windows 7. Windows 7 Ultimate, though that shouldn’t make a difference.

Windows 7 on Firefox and I have teh lines.