Terraria amuses me

I’m always so far behind the power curve, but I’ve been playing Terraria for a week or so. It gets a lot of comparisons to Minecraft (which I love yet suck at) but there are a few things I really like about it in preference:

  • 2D is kind of nice, honestly.
  • Much simplified crafting system; I don’t have to have a wiki open just to be able to get around and do things.
  • Amusing combat. Rar, fighting!
  • The Android version has not exactly elegant controls, but I seem to be fighting them less than I did the portable Minecraft.

I’m thinking about setting up a server on my small-yet-underutilized AWS instance.

Does anyone else play?

I run a private server on my gaming PC for myself and a friend. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m wearing a full set of Specter armor and have enough magic weapons that I’m a pretty effective damage dealer, which means the armor’s sending out healing bolts very often.

Managed to solo The Destroyer in just a couple of minutes using that getup and a skybridge.

Haven’t played around with the Halloween update stuff though. Probably should have, some of it looked neat.

Oh, haha! I thought it was called “Terrarium”. :smile:

I wanted to get into it a while ago, but with every other game I play it looked like just another time sink I don’t have time for. Even my Minecraft has been suffering lately.

I’ve been meaning to pick this up on Steam when it goes on sail again. Very much like Minecraft from what I’ve heard, but so much more than that also. Darktan hit it on the nose, though. You only have so much time and lately, I’ve been putting mine into CounterStrike: GO skinning, Minecraft (at least a little bit), Kerbal Space Program (the latest sucking up all of my time), and Persona 3.