Tempting Fate

Walking down a flight of stairs tonight and it’s dimly lit. I ask the guy behind me, “How many people fall down these steps?”

Very Next Step…

Fortunately, I remembered how to fall and only skinned my elbow.


Knowing how to fall is huge. When I was in a motorcycle accident many years ago, knowing how to fall probably saved me from a stay in the hospital, even though my bike was totaled.

So true. And also anticipating dumb moves by cagers will prepare you for the worst should it happen.

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Happens to everyone. I was making a joke the other day about never handling the kettle power lead with wet hands, and as soon as I plugged the cord in the fuse exploded loudly. Needless to say, bricks were shat.


Or the CFO deciding to default on a payment agreement with one of our hardware suppliers… Now we cant get new hard drives etc.

Nightmare for me as I can do diddly-squat should the server RAID decide to leave for /dev/null

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I was getting ready to refill the sugar shaker yesterday, and told myself, don’t drop the sugar cannister.

And then I proceeded to fill my coffee cup with sugar.

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At least you didn’t drop it!

What happens when you build a fire station over the emergency flood release for an abandoned and sealed coal mine?

Well, you get a fire station full of water, of course!