Status check


So. CA CoGogers, are you all right? The fires down there look pretty bad.



I’m a good 3 hours away from the closest one. None going this far south just yet knock on wood . Which is good. I’d rather not have a repeat of 2003 and 2007.


Back from two week tour of some high points of the East Coast. Started in Colonial Williamsburg, then hit museums, parks, landmarks through Norfolk, Myrtle Beach, spent T-Day in Wilmington so we weren’t driving on that day, then Charleston, Savannah, Atlanta, and back home via Corbing KY and Cumberland Falls.
(Hoped to see a moonbow but it didn’t materialize that night.)

Started first day with new company, same job yesterday. Whee!


Still going on well here.

Had some good rains, everything was flooded. Dam and three 1000l tanks are full and is overflowing.

Good stuff.


My sister/cousins and I put our heads together this morning, and AZ cos got the straw to hop on the nearest plane to Mom. Skirball was getting just close enough to Santa Monica to make us nervous about leaving Mom to her own devices. Kid Bro is there, but he’s…well, Kid Bro.

Good to know your toes aren’t getting toasted, F10. Yep, gimme a hurricane over this any day. At least the survival odds are better if you run out of evacuation options. 8-/


Bloom County is now officially located in California, since Berkeley’s Facebook page says things are on hold for the moment.


Hey, it’s @Datababe!

I just drove through your neighborhood! We vacationed down the eastern coast. Colonial Williamsburg, then museums and zoos and stuff in Norfolk, Wilmington, Charleston, Savannah, Atlanta.


It’s a DB sighting!

We’ve got a big fire now in north San Diego County but it’s still 45 minutes to an hour from here.


You should try driving through our neighborhood right about now, LOL. Provided you’re on a snowmobile. Hubby beat the storm by one day while I stayed for a bit longer in CA.

Second year in a row I missed playing in a blizzard. And YES, I am ticked at Mother Nature and her timing!

Gimme a heads up if you’re in the area again come spring. I may be organizing a bear hunt…