Status check


I’ve never met anyone that has ever known what Ranma 1/2 is.


I’m old. :wink:


And she’s not the only one.


Yeah. I’m old too.


I’m old and also bald.


You say that like it’s an issue. My baldness makes me sexier, at least according to my wife.


I’m old but not bald.


I’m old and have a bit of a bald spot. We’ve got the whole range here.


Old, and seem to be getting hairier. I do need a haircut, though.

I swear I actually regressed my progression to grey when I changed jobs, though.


Mine’s just relocating from my skull to…other places.


And my hair reaches well past my waist. :wink:


I’m being forced to grow mine back out again and I just got a trim to bring it to shoulder length.


It’s a crime to have beautiful hair and NOT grow it out.


I’m growing mine out too, but it makes it difficult to hear things…


Growing out the ear hair is not a thing to be considered lightly.

I skipped haircuts for most of 2016. Never got as long as I liked, but I have sympathy for anyone with long hair (like $Wife, or @Nabiki). I had a more mullet-ish long hair style in the late 90s/early 2000s (when it still wasn’t cool) but doing pretty much no haircuts for the better part of 12 months taught me a few things:

  • Always have a hat ready. Especially for driving. I needed it to prevent sudden blindness.
  • Conditioner becomes mandatory, at least for my hair, after a certain point.
  • Wow, you do go through shampoo quicker.


Got a bald spot here as well.

And eyesight’s not as good as it was previously.


It always amazes me, though, when people come up to me and say, “You should cut your hair and give it to Locks of Love.”

What I’d like to say to them:
It’s my hair. I like it. It would take me many years to grow it back. What makes you think it’s okay to tell me to give away part of my body?

What I do say:
I like my hair, and I don’t have plans to cut it any time soon.


That’s probably a whole lot more polite that what I’d say. First thing that popped into my head - "You should give away your heart; you’re not using it for anything productive."
I try to be creative, but the sentiment is still “Fsck you, go die in a fire”. I’m not always so warm and fuzzy though.


Older, yes

Not balder… or anyway, not appreciably. Tiny little bits of parking lots at the brow line, but mostly, thick, heavy, curly hair.

Which I crop to less than an inch… 'cause I like it better.
And my wife wishes I’d grow it long.

Sorry, honey… I live in here.


Not really using my penis right now. Might as well cut it off and donate it to Cocks of Love.


Ah but you’ll regret it when you’re bored.