Status check


Good thinking… be safe.


I have a bag of cat food in my trunk, cat carriers ready, and a go bag packed, including my home insurance information, meds, some clothes, and my portable hard drive. I have a destination just in case.

Edit: I also have the cat bowls and bottles of water ready to go to.


Gnatbug still with you?


He and the wife went to her mom’s place. They’re still okay.

The fire is still 0% contained. If they don’t get it contained before the wind picks up this evening, it will get worse. Looking at the maps, if the wind goes the wrong direction tonight, it could still head my way. It’s hard staying on high alert like this. I’m stuck inside too because the air quality is so bad.


Fires are moving closer to my town, but still safe.


The fires are still 0% contained. My town is still safe, but that could change with the wind.

My credit union has started a relief fund for those affected.


Seems like you have everything in order to make a speedy exit, Nabiki. Stay safe!


560 still missing.
3,500 buildings damaged or destroyed.
115,000 acres burned
More evacuations happening
Fires could last all month

The winds have started, and they are blowing my direction. I’m still about 8 miles from the closest flames.


Crap, still 0% contained?
8 miles doesn’t sound like a lot if the wind gets up :frowning_face:


Believe me. I’m glued to the news.

Edit: I’m not waiting for mandatory evacuation. I’m gone as soon as it becomes “advisory”.


Well, it’s not up to an actual advisory yet, but:

For Immediate Release
Date: Tuesday, September 18, 2017
Issued By: Deputy Chief Tara Salizzoni

There are currently NO voluntary or mandatory evacuation orders in the City of Petaluma

The Petaluma Emergency Operations Center is actively monitoring the fire activity. We want to remind you that there is an increased risk of fire affecting our area due to the red flag weather warnings issued for today. This is due to the fires located to the northeast of Petaluma, as well as the concern over the wind. This is NOT an evacuation order; however we want residents to be prepared if an evacuation order is given. Petaluma residents, especially on the east side of Sonoma Mountain Parkway, should be prepared to leave if an order is given. The shelters in Petaluma are nearing capacity, and can only accommodate an additional 300 people. The Petaluma EOC is currently working with the Sonoma County EOC to determine resources available in Marin County for shelters in case the need arises.


The uncertainty sucks so much! I’ve been on edge glued to the news for three days now.


So they are telling you to do what you have been doing for the last 3 days?

Nights would be the worst - you’d be worried about going to sleep in case things blew up while you are asleep. I hope your cats are easy to round up as well.


Exactly! Luckily, my cats are pretty trusting, and while they might hide under a bed, they don’t struggle too much when being put into a carrier. I have a small cage that will be very crowded with four chinchillas in it, but it will get them out.


Update: The town that Gnat went to is under voluntary evacuation, so he, the wife, the cats, the dogs, and the snake are on their way to the central valley.


The big fire to the north is 10% contained. The one to the east is 2% contained, I think. I just got another advisory saying that there is no evacuation order for my town yet, but to be prepared.

I really wish the roommate would take part of the night watch. As it is, I’ve been cat-napping during the night with my tablet playing the news and my phone by my head for emergency updates. I’ll get a nap later this morning.


Not much we can do but send good thoughts your way, but you have mine.

On a related topic: I found out via Facebook last night that one of my cousins lives in (or near?) Napa City, so they’re playing the watching game, too.


Are they using the cell phone emergency notification thingy? Alternatively, can you sing up for emergency texts? My county has a service for that… I should probably trim it back as I get mostly notices for traffic for areas I no longer drive in since I shifted from working ‘Near DC’ to ‘Near Baltimore.’


I’m signed up for emergency texts. That’s the source of the one I quoted above. I’ve received about four more of the “You’re not under advisory or mandatory evacuation, but be ready” notices since then. One of the areas several miles east of me is being evacuated now.


More of Sonoma is being evacuated. The fire is moving a bit closer.