Status check


Seems like whenever we start getting floods, you guys get all the fire.

We need some sort of transatlantic agreement for you guys to use our floodwater for fires.


Hope those of you over in NZ are all ok after the earthquake.


That was the biggest and longest earthquake I have ever felt. It went on for well over a minute and it was difficult to stand up. Everyone here was standing or sitting in the doorways freaking out a bit. We didn’t suffer any damage at all though, other than being pretty scared.

At 7.5, this one was in the top 6 measured earthquakes in New Zealand history - it was pretty huge.

The only silver lining is that I get a day off today.
The Wellington central business district is closed until further notice - until structural engineers can assess whether buildings are safe. The public transport system is also closed until further notice for the same reasons.


Good thing I’m from California, or I’d no longer be looking at properties in the Wellington area. :wink:


Yeah, that did occur to me. Maybe not immediately as I had a few other things on my mind, but at some stage it did :smile:

Here’s a good view of some of the damage:


Now that is some lateral displacement. Road crews have their work cut out themselves. Not only for the damage there but for the next earthquake. Glad to hear you came through this in one piece.


I’m just glad they saved those cows. :slight_smile: Of all the coverage about the earthquake, thts the only story that’s lasted more than six hours here.


Interactive view of last week

Not only did we have the big earthquake and subsequent aftershocks, but the weather went mental as well.
The earthquake was on the Sunday night. I spent Monday at home because nothing was open. I went to work on Tuesday, but left at about lunch time because I was worried I wouldn’t get home if I left any later - we had road closings, rail closings, slips, floods, high wind, it was just crazy.
Wednesday I decided that I was just going to stay at home. There was nothing so urgent that it couldn’t wait for a couple of days and my safety was far more important.
Thursday I had a scheduled day off, and the weather was still nuts anyway - hail and floods.

I managed 1.5 days at work last week - it was a chaotic week :open_mouth:


Glad you’re okay!


I haven’t seen @CaffeinatedNoms for a while - you OK, mate?


I am indeed. I’ve just been taking a break from the Internet. Sorry if I caused concern!


No worries; glad you’re good.


Ha… a year later and this still holds true


Hurricane Henry is headed toward the Texas coast. It is unlikely to hit the Houston area directly, but since its predicted path is west of us, it looks like we’re gonna get an abundance of rain and wind.

Some folks around here are loosing their freaking minds. $Wife is terribly concerned that we won’t have enough bottled water. She isn’t being overly crazy about it, but apparently visited a half-dozen stores after work on her quest. I’ve never lost water pressure in my house due a storm (even Ike, which hit the area pretty hard), so I’m not too concerned. I’ll bring a spare case of water home from work when I leave, just to be safe.

Stay dry, @Lee_Ars!


Well, that fact that the forum is still up is a hopeful sign for Keep and KK.

Fingers crossed for all our Houston area CoGers.


He’s also been tweeting up a storm.

I’ll show myself out now…


Yeah, I’ve been off twitter for >24 hrs because I said some shit that caught the attention of Mike Cernovich, and he sicc’d his army of pizzagate believers on me. Got tired of muting/blocking after the first ~100 and just closed the app. Checked this AM and it was still going on, so twitter can stay closed :smiley:

KK & I are doing A-OK for now. No water in the house. We’ve got plenty of supplies, haven’t lost power for more than about 90 minutes so far, and the internet still works. Stressed and strung out, but hopeful that the next 2 days won’t be any worse than the last two.

I went walking around on Saturday AM after the first bad night and snapped some pix.

Been helping to keep Space City Weather online and functional, which has been a nice distraction. The site is running off of the Bigdino/CoG web server and has been humming like a top, staying super-quick even at 10+ pages per second sustained:

I thought Weds of last week was busy when we cracked 100k views; yesterday, the site did 1.1 million. Ask me about my high-traffic Wordpress hosting strategy! (Hint: the secret is cache, cache, cache, and Cloudflare.)


Here’s hoping you’ve seen the worst.

@RoadRunner: You around, too? I hope?


Howdy! I’m good, thanks. Hunkered down at home with the wife and step-kids. My area has been a lot more stable than some other parts of town. You’ve heard of 100 year flood plane? Well, they’re calling this an 800 year event. It’s pretty awful in some parts of town, even just 5-10 miles away. Thankfully, my house is supposed to be in a 1,000 year zone. I had friends in this subdivision in high school and never heard about major flooding problems, plus I checked out this street before buying the house. School districts are going to be closed all week. My boss said our office will likely be closed through Wednesday, maybe longer, depending on road conditions. Even if I could get there safely, which I probably could have at one point or another, all the routes back are closed.
Step-son’s knucklehead friend went driving around north of here, sightseeing, but when trying to get back home, even on back roads, he was turned away several times by police enforcing road closures. This was maybe an hour or two ago. He is now sleeping in his pickup at a gas station. Dumb ass. Every news outlet has repeatedly said to stay put if you’re in a safe location, so I have no pity for him.