Status check


He never responded to my message on Google+, either.

Do we need to worry about you while you’re away?

QFT, seriously this.
In middle school, I had friends that lived in the neighborhood that I live in now, so I’m pretty familiar with the area. My neighborhood has never had the problem with high water that we’ve had in the past few weeks. My house has been fine (no water higher than the sidewalk), but not being able to get into the subdivision and to my house was a new and unfun experience.


Checking in with our Australia folks? I’ve heard that there’s a record storm happening in the Tasmania area?


There was a megastorm on the East Coast (affecting coastal Queensland and New South Wales) and I did hear that there was to be a repeat performance this week, with Tassie included in the warning area.

I’m nowhere near there so all good with me. @Viking is not on the East Coast either so he’ll be fine (unless he’s gone that way). I don’t know of any other Aussie members…


Nothing out of the usual from the weather here. Last weekend (the big Sydney storms), we had a day of sunshine and then some rain. Nothing like what the east coast received.

And I have a distinct lack of sympathy for all those beach-front people who lost their beach. Maybe that will teach you for building a Mac-Mansion on sand…


FWIW, I still haven’t received a reply from @ClockWorkXon to the ping on Google+.
Kinda strange to have Xon gone.


I hope he’s okay. :worried:


I do miss him…

…and I also hope he’s okay.


I find it interesting/amusing that he is still listed as a frequent poster on so many topics - more than half of the most recent dozen. :slight_smile:

Aww, the snip got cut off


He’s still on top of the most replies all time list by about 500 posts:


I miss him too :frowning: I really hope nothing terrible has happened and he’s just take an extended eBreak.




He said he was out. And I haven’t found an obit, so hopefully he’s in a tent somewhere chilling or something.

And holy shit I post a lot.


Yeah, I think also I saw something online about him unplugging. Dunno, memory is fuzzy on it. But I hope the same - safe and happy wherever.

And holy shit I like a lot! I frequently agree with @Woodman, so no need to restate what you’ve said when I can just click the heart.


That’s because you are my alt login.


I was sitting in the lobby of a customer’s office when I read the email with this in it. I think the receptionist saw me trying to stifle the laughter… I wasn’t as successful as I had hoped to be.


90+ degree weather, drought, and grass are apparently a bad combination. There are four or five homes on fire about four blocks away from me. I thinks it’s pretty much under control now, but I can still hear the helicopter. The smoke isn’t as bad now as it was an hour ago.

I’m going to sit here and be thankful that I didn’t have to evacuate and that I didn’t buy the house that I was looking at about seven years ago, since it’s on fire now.


Looks like four homes were a complete loss, 4 more took damage. 13 properties in all were affected. I think I’ll have to go and donate something to the local red cross who are helping out the people who are now homeless. :frowning:


Well that sucks total ass.


Yes, what he said


Welcome to fire season in CA.