Status check


Thought we could have a thread where we could post when we were wondering about fellow CoGers.


@Lee_Ars - Is the flooding in Houston affecting you? Obviously Chez CoG isn’t afloat or I wouldn’t be posting this…



[drops mic]

Also hoping @Lee_Ars hasn’t floated away…


Last Facebook post on 4/1

I want to apologize to all my friends and acquaintances. I apologize for burdening you with my endless stream of problems and complaints. I apologize for wasting your time with all my stupid ideas and dreams. My blogs have been deleted. My websites… well, those haven’t worked in a long time anyway, so no big loss there. If you still have the links to my ebooks, well, they’re free now. I wish all of you all of the best. May you have happiness, health, and peace. No, this is not an April Fools joke.

Everything I can find on him is deleted or only in archive form. Sounds like maybe the big black beast might have gotten him, hopefully not fatally.


That doesn’t sound good… :frowning:

It certainly wasn’t how I thought of him, either.


Wood, was that from CWX’s Facebook? Dang, I didn’t see that when I looked. He still has not replied on Google+… Hey, @ClockWorkXon, WTF, dude? :slight_smile:

I assume @Lee_Ars is ok, partially because as noted, Big Dino is up and running, partially because I haven’t seen any bad reports from his part of town. We’re both in the greater Houston area, he is south and I am north. I’ve been ok, too. It just started thunderstorming again, but it isn’t expected to be as heavy and severe as Sunday night and Monday. The schools around here are still closed today and there are still places that are impassible, but for the most part, there are other routes available. Anyway, that’s all I can think of off the top of my head.


Did not know that or I would have asked about you, too. Sorry!

But thanks for the update, @RoadRunner

Right after I posted this morning my wife came past and told me Ecuador had another earthquake… my next younger brother’s oldest daughter lives there. They’re watching the Facebook feeds to check on her.


I have a friend who lives in Cypress, which did get over 16", He was okay with where his home located.


Oh, hey, yeah, no problems here. Got solid rain but no flooding.

The server’s in my closet, so if that goes off line for more than an hour or so…that’s the time to wonder if my house is still there :smiley:


Of course at that point there’s nowhere to do the wondering at.


Yes, we need a redundancy server somewhere categorically safe. Nothing bad ever happens in Canada, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, but then I gotta pay for hosting. I’m too cheap for that!


I really hope CWX is okay. Personally I’m happy to be a sounding board for ideas / complaints.


I spent most of yesterday helping plan the Team Rubicon response in Houston (Op Moonshot). The operations order is approved and the first people will show up today. There should be around 20 volunteers by tomorrow evening, and 40 by Monday night. May scale as high as 60 or so; we’re putting a lot of resources into this one.

(I was only involved because national planning resources were a bit tapped out, since they’re ALSO busy putting people on the ground in Ecuador.)

Edit: And since I’ve been pestering Lee on Twitter for information for the last few days, I knew he was perfectly fine. Sorry, should’ve checked here earlier.


No worries! :smiley:
And sorry for not replying sooner. I had to fly out on Wednesday for an unplanned business trip. So glad to be back, even if it’s raining again.


I got an email that said the Rubicon folks are on standby for a return visit. We’ve had a crazy amount of water fall out of the sky lately. I was incredulous when I heard on the news that we’re still technically in a drought.


Has anyone heard anything from @ClockWorkXon? I haven’t seen anything in the news with his name on it, at least…


Nothing since that facebook post on April 1st.


At this point, there is talk of just setting up a branch campus. =)

I’m mostly busy with doing training things and getting the region X planning posse up to speed and confident so I can disappear for 10 months and not worry too much. I will probably fill some other role when I get back.


It seriously doesn’t rain this often very often—these past two months have been pretty far outliers! Houston’s precip patterns are normally much calmer.