Star Citizen


I’m at the same crossroads with this game as well. I’d imagine a few of the kickstarter supporters are pretty fed up with it to. Heck, we were expecting to see the Squadron 42 BETA sometime this year and it doesn’t look like that’s anywhere close to done. To be honest with you, if I get Squadron 42 anytime soon and it’s done well, I’d call us half-good and take the other half I’ve invested as a loss.

PU seems like a pipe-dream because they keep tacking on all this other unnecessary stuff. Yeah, I get people wanted to walk around planetside, but I don’t think that it requires the development of an entirely new game mode/First Person Shooter. People would have been perfectly happy with being able to walk up to a store, buy stuff, and move on.

I’m almost expecting this game to never release, or if it does, a majority of the people out there won’t be able to play it or will be turned off by its complexity. The shear amount of “other” they’re cramming into the game is already starting to kill it for me. They’re creating game features to cater to specific niches in the fanbase when Space Sims are already a niche in and of itself. For example, new languages are going to be developed (using real language creation by people who study that sort of thing). Cool, I guess, but I don’t want to be bothered to learn it. Klingon was cool to hear, but I never felt the need to understand or learn it. Subtitles are fine to me. All in all, it’s fluff that doesn’t necessarily need to be there.


2nd Life (Space Edition)


Apparently, there’s some serious allegations from The Escapist:

There’s a lot of money into the game, but word is, they’ve only got $8M left. Oh, and CIG is threatening suits to The Escapist.


Why do they keep saying “slander”? If proven, it would be libel, not slander.


$8M? Haven’t they raised like $75M through Kickstarter and their own site?

Maybe if they quit trying to expand the scope of the game with stuff like Star Marine they wouldn’t be running out of money.


I’d take it with a grain of salt, for now. But it’s a growing concern, considering we were expecting alpha GAME by Nov 2014, and here we are. Still enjoying (or not) a buggy dogpoop-slinger.

Here’s a few links: An interesting article from Derek Smart, which I’m guessing Chris Roberts has a big beef with. The Escapist Article on the inside info they received. All good reads, and, to be honest, I haven’t seen much credibility with regards to responses from CIG. The fans are screaming in CR’s honor still, from what it looks like.


And they changed their TOS to accommodate the new release date, and to change the date where a refund could be asked for. That’s shady, IMO.

One of the podcasters called it “battered wife syndrome”, because the fans are so in debt they have to keep supporting the company or admit they’ve been assaulted. One of the former employees has compared it to a gambling addiction.


The Escapist site is blocked by my work firewall, but I read Derek Smart’s blog post (and two or three others that he did) and it’s pretty damning stuff. Looks like I’m out $135 and all I have to show for it is a bronze citizen card. Like DS says, the original vision of the game as pitched in 2012 was lofty, but doable. There’s no way to do the current vision with existing tech.


Well, I mean, they’re already invested, some of them moreso than others. If this ship goes down, they’re out of luck. There’s no recourse, there’s no way for them to recover their funds, unless it goes to court, and even then, they’re unlikely to see what they put into it, if anything at all. So their best course of action at this point is to further invest it, or promote it as much as possible so others invest, thus keeping the ship afloat longer.

As an aside, I’m a little frustrated with CIG. Let’s say that they are having problems with finances (they’ve cut staff at 2 studios now). Why not cut back on features? Why not try to release what the originally intended product was supposed to be. Backers and gamers alike would be thrilled with this and those who haven’t invested would probably do so at that point. After they get some more steady income, they could start reviving the other features they had to set down. Given the almost cult-like support they currently receive, I don’t see why this isn’t an option.


Have you read some of the responses from Chris Roberts, and the descriptions of his manner and attitude by the former employees?

I think Roberts is showing some insecurity by pushing the “disgruntled ex-employees” trope, when these are employees who left voluntarily. Yes, “ex-employees” is technically true, but it’s used to give the wrong impression.


Alpha packages are no longer that. Modules purchased are no longer that. All backers now have same access in regards to Alpha.

OH, but you get some free space dollars, equivalent to the purchase of 1 low-end gun/shields.



Just now reading CR’s response to The Escapist:

TL:DR - Okay, it’s still long.

Opening statement of “shock” followed by 3 paragraphs about Derek Smart (which was never mentioned in their article). Then an attack on TE’s sense of journalism, oh wait, another mention of Derek Smart. He then attacks the reporter directly. Oh, mixed in some twitter stuff with even more DS. A paragraph of the atrocities of journalism and how the “good ole days” were better. 4 more paragraphs of Derek. I’m just a humble guy trying to do the Gamers’ work.

Talking points:
1st point: Funding and not enough of it. Socratic method applied. No real explanation here other than "we’re being good with teh money"
2nd point: Concerns over his absence in the industry. Mentions the entire team is there and all is honky-dory.
3rd point: Concerns over expansion of KS goals and not meeting the 2014 deadline. Responds with, we’ve released the forums, dog-fighter, and we’re still working on S42. All is well, the rest is just added features and we don’t need to apply anything added after the fact to what we’ve stated prior. (While I agree with CR’s response here, it doesn’t explain the massive delays in every single release they’ve tried to make. They haven’t been the most transparent with this kind of thing, IMO)
4th point: Toxic work environment. Wife is head of HR. Our toxicity or lack thereof is confidential.
5th point: Misuse of crowdfunding money. Flat denial, but mentions that employees also play D&D in break rooms on the weekend. (I suppose doing photo shoots with company resources and playing a game in the break room are one in the same. Again, innocent until proven, but it’s a tad fishy.)
6th point: Deal with Turbulent. Mutually beneficial endeavor. (I’m fine with this.)
7th point: Too much quality stuff. Don’t be that extravagant. Uh, that’s what our backers got in our stretch goals. We intended to do this.

8th point: (Quoting this one, cause it’s akin to how I feel.) Accusations that the majority of the crowdfunding money has been used, with minimal progress made. Sources state they “feel like they were making commercials, not a game.

Response: Anybody even with minimal knowledge about game development can assess the significant progress by looking at the released modules and the detailed monthly reports from each development studio. We have a massive team, working flat out to build something special for everybody. We feel like we’ve made huge strides and have completed a good portion of the underlying technology that will enable us to make Star Citizen the game that your sources say can’t be made. I don’t know how someone could say with a straight face that they felt “they were making commercials, not a game.” In fact we haven’t had a ship commercial since last year! As an aside the commercials were used as a fun milestone to make sure everyone got the ship to final game quality, and it focused the artists on finishing the work for public consumption, which in turn helps with getting more final assets in the game sooner. It was also a great way to build the lore of the universe of Star Citizen up, which is a universe we intend to continue to expand for many years to come. (I take issue with this one so much. Yeah, they do great work, but it feels like more work went into the progression of these commercials than the dogfighter which was delayed extensively at the time. And, even after release, it was damn near impossible to play and still is a whole year later. I understand that the teams used to make these commercials aren’t the same building the mechanics, but I would presume that less time spent on commercials would be more time spent on actual game materials and assets.)

9th point: Not enough staff. We have enough staff.
10th point: CR doesn’t listen to staff. I have a strong vision and I’m ensuring that it comes to life, damnit.
11th point: Austin is closing doors. Austin is being “restructured” and hard choices are made for the good of the game.
12th point: More about crowdfunding than about the game. Crowdfunding is the tool to make the game, so yeah, it’s not always about the game. (This response confused me.)
13th point: Employees feel like they’re part of a con. These are just bitter ex-employees.

A paragraph about how he had to respond to these accusations took him away from actually working on the game. Come visit us, we’ll prove that we’re not screwing around.

All said, he asked the same question a few times throughout the response and it was “What do you plan on getting out of this?” I can’t take the victimization here as it’s not like this line of questioning is unwarranted. I wish he would just address the questions with facts rather than conjecture.


Some of the money went to hire Mark Hamill: promo clip on YouTube


Yeah, I saw a couple mentions about too much money being spent on actors.


Roberts now says Squadron 42 will be released at the end of this year. No word on the rest of the game. Star Citizen: Will big budget space game satisfy its backers?


The game will be released whenever (it’ll probably be closer to Q2 2017, since they’re claiming end of this year), but I wonder how far below 50% of the backers who will get it will actually be able to run the game. I applaud the goal of hi-fidelity, but I’m not going to be running 2-4 TITANs to get there.


What PFive7 said. I’m an original backer but now I’m wondering if I’ll have to upgrade to even be able to run the damn game.


It brings up another point that I think CIG has failed to address. Here’s the conversation I see happening:

$Gamers/$Backers (not all, but that’s another subject): We want an awesome, hi-fidelity, Space-sim/FPS/Dogfighter/Trader/Bounty Hunter/Minecrafter (Just wait til you can build your own bases, etc.)

CIG: Wow, with $100M plus backing us, why not? Let’s do this.

$Gamers/$Backers: Can you make this look cooler? Oh, and what if it could do this!

CIG: Sure, we’ll do that, but maybe with a little extra this.

Years pass; game finally releases

$Gamers/$Backers: Hey, my i5, GT 550 won’t run this. WTF? Bad game design!/What’s wrong with the optimization? It takes forever to load! I don’t understand? Why make the game if you can’t play it?/I can’t afford a $400 video card to play this, I want my money back.

CIG: But…you told me to…but you wanted…hmm. Sounds like a personal problem. Welp, off to the bank, I’s got mons to deposit!


OTOH, you have XCOM 2. Here it comes here it comes, it’s awesome and it has exactly the features we said it would.

Makes everyone’s PC sound like a helicarrier and randomly goes into slideshow in even beefy machines.


5 years later and the game still is not out. How salty do you feel if at all?