Star Citizen


I really want to try this game but I need to buckle down on my certs. When I get my MCSA I think I shall reward myself with a month of playtime.


Bought Elite Dangerous the other week and have been having a blast flying around the galaxy.

So much so that I’ve bought a new computer to play it on, and am looking very hard at a “real” HOTAS setup. (A friend loaned me his old Saitek Cyborg X-5 to get started with.)

Anyone have good / bad experiences with HOTAS arrangements on a Mac?


How much is it like say, Privateer? I’ve watched a few let’s plays, but they were mostly focusing on blowing shit up and other crap.

In a lot of the more modern versions of wing commander type games I’ve found that situational awareness sucks. Not like Xwing or Wing Commander was, they seemed more intuitive.

Does it use real space physics? Is it possible to fly backwards via inertia and light shit up while flying sideways and skew turning to reverse course? Or is it arcade dogfighting style?


I haven’t played in the arena or anything. But I’m told it uses real space physics.


Sorry, Elite Dangerous is what I was asking about.


Doh. :smile:


I found it worthwhile to purchase ControllerMate for programming my Warthog HOTAS on OS X, since the TARGET software doesn’t work on OS X. It’s not a requirement, but man, did it make setting up macros super-easy.

You can flip off flight assist and do inertial maneuvering if you want to, and in some circumstances it gives you an advantage. For the most part it’s easier to leave it in “airplane” mode, but, sure, the option is there if you want it.

It’s like Privateer, sort of, but it’s really more like, well…Elite. Privateer can best be understood as “Wing Commander crossed with Elite,” since Elite did the mixture of trading/fighting in 1984.


Thanks for that.

My friend has been having issues with programming all the buttons properly on his Saitek X52, so I’ll point him at that.

If it works out for him, then I will grab one as well. (Nothing like using your friends as crash-test dummies!)


I bought one of these a couple years ago, trying to recapture my Tie Fighter days.

I was pretty happy with it. I might pick up Elite after Gen Con.


Definitely been having some fun with Elite: Dangerous while we await new/some/any content from Star Citizen. I’ve done a little bit of everything so far, but have recently found that freelance bounty hunting is the most profitable. I did make an explorer run to Spica, just to say that I’d been there. A little frustrated that Sol was “off limits” unless you had a permit. Screw the Federation, I want to jump in illegally.

That said, if I’m being honest, I’m starting to have my concerns with Star Citizen. I don’t bother posting them on their forum as fanboys seem to grab the pitchforks as a knee-jerk reaction.

  • CIG appears to be allergic to deadlines. I don’t think they’ve met one of them within months of setting it. Albeit, some of the goals they had have indeed expanded since originally setting them, but they have a bad habit of not setting a realistic expectation. Any “investor” in any other business would surely pull their money if this were to consistently occur. They have different teams tied to different pieces of functionality and content, and it’s seriously concerning that major deadlines haven’t been met. Despite from being slotted to release this year, I can only imagine that Squadron 42 will fall behind schedule, despite being worked on by a completely separate team from the other content being produced.

  • The amount of new functionality rolled out is somewhat laughable at this point. Arena Commander 1.0 is certainly not a complete product (Yeah, I’ve read the post about the stigma of labeling it “1.0”, but it’s still a no-no in my book). I’ve yet to have a positive experience with it. Whether it’s the inability to get into a coop lobby or having an extremely laggy experience that I can’t really do that much before being obliterated by someone’s Hornet. As far as I’m concerned, it’s still an unplayable product.

  • There’s been an awful lot more sales lately. At least one every month. It would seem that CIG has a team wholly dedicated to producing content for selling ships in a new way that gets people to open their wallets. Yes, it’s a pledge. I get that. But their latest “starliner” was priced at $400. You mean to tell me CIG needs its next pledges at $400 a pop? That’s ridiculous for pricing, on its face, for a digital item you can’t use or see yet. It’s like CIG has a bridge to sell, and everyone’s buying it. Perhaps I’d be more inclined to pledge again if, y’know, a deadline could be met. I’d also argue that if it was more about getting pledges, then the prices shouldn’t be so insanely high. They’ve made the point of “not letting everyone start the game with the same ships” and “more diversity among players”. However, to that point, they’ve mentioned that players will make up ~%10 of the galaxy, 90% of NPCs making up the other half. Unless CIG expected its player base to mostly saturated by its investors, then I suppose I could understand, but I’d still argue, “Why not?”. It’s a game. Your players can’t fly all their ships at once. They’ll have to settle on one at a time. Why not let it be available to everyone?



No worries. I will point out that it’s on sale this week. Something stupid like 33% off. (Of course, the sale comes 2 weeks after I bought the damned game…)

Dumb question. When you take a bounty-hunting / assassination mission, you have to find a particular person. How? The job details gives you the system to jump to, but space is awfully darned big… I’d like to have half a clue about how things work before I go making a fool of myself to employers.


So I took up one of these before and I would say it’s best not to do this 'til you’ve put a lot of creds into your ship. Class B weapons and shields, at the very least. Cause I found that out the hard way, these assassination missions don’t mess around. These guys usually have a wing on 'em and are toting around heavy weapons. I was dropped to no shields within 5 seconds and managed to get away with 50% hull. Needless to say, I didn’t complete that mission. To answer your question, you basically roam around the system they’re supposed to be in until you scan a ship with the name of the gent/woman you’re looking to exterminate. Upon doing so, you’ll most likely need to use an interdictor to drop them out of supercruise.

What I’ve been doing is using a kill warrant scanner on any ship that’s wanted. You can usually cash in 50K fairly quickly. I got lucky once and had an Anaconda show up as wanted. 110K in the bank with the help of the local navy. I typically hang around nav beacons. Seems to be the best way not to get blown up and get some general assistance from the locals when you do find that special someone.


Cool. Thanks for that.

Just finished a ~500 light-year round trip trading rare items. Over 4 hours real-time, and a profit of about 1.1MCr. Don’t know if it’s worth it or not in the long run. (Maybe not with a Cobra MK III, it’s not.)

As for picking off pirates, the NAV beacon is a good location, as are Resource Extraction Sites. In particular the ‘High Intensity’ ones. (Neatly referred to as HI-RES.)

I have some doubts about the game AI, too. I got interdicted with a hold full of loot, and thought it was “Game Over, Man!” when I saw it was a ‘Deadly’ rated pilot. Except all he did was shoot me once then proceed to drop chaff everywhere. Which is strange when I’ve had ‘Competent’ rated NPCs FSD out of the area when they got too badly chewed up.


Yeah, I’ve got a few concerns with their AI, particularly the fact that when you engage an enemy while they’re firing upon another ship, they immediately ignore their initial target and go for you. This becomes troublesome in multi-enemy scenarios, from what I understand.The prioritization has been mentioned several times to the devs and I believe they’re working on it, but perhaps that’s for a later patch.

That said, does anyone know how war bonds work or conflict zones? I’ve been wanting to go into a conflict zone, but have no idea how to successfully engage without gaining a bounty on my head.


I think they’ve fixed the AI a bit - I’ve seen pirate / criminal ships continue shooting at the Police ships after I started shooting at them. On the flip side, I’ve also watched Police ships shooting the crap out of each other. Go figure that one out…

Although a nasty bug seems to have crept into the Mac version - if you’re under attack, there’s a good chance the attacker will not turn red/white on your radar scanner, so you have no idea who is shooting you.

On the HOTAS front, I picked up a Saitek X52 today. Now to re-program most of the default controls and re-learn which button combination does what… And before anyone says “Use the configurator program!”, I can’t. There isn’t a Mac version.

As for your question, P57, I have NFI how war bonds work. With regards to the conflict zones, I once picked up a mission that was “go to conflict zone X and kill Y ships belonging to faction Z”. You have to be careful, as all the ships are marked as ‘System Defence’ (i.e., the cops) and you have to scan them one by one to identify which faction they belong to. Once you find one, you can attack it - at which point half the ships on your scanner turn red.


Hmm… maybe it’s time to pick this game up finally.


@Darktan - @Viking is referring to Elite:Dangerous. Star Citizen is far from being playable.


Oh I know. I was (in my head) referring to both games actually. I hear good things and bad on both sides and I could use a space sim until No Man’s Sky releases*. I fired up Wing Commander the other day and although nostalgic, not quite what I was looking for.

*I hope it does and lives up to the hype.


I sit down with Star Citizen once every 2-3 weeks and try it. Last time, a couple of weekends ago, I tried to run through the flight tutorials and kept running into game-breaking bugs—I couldn’t see which landing pad I was targeting, or the flight controls would stop responding, or the throttle would stop working, and so on. I tried about a half-dozen times to complete even the first one and eventually gave up.

Also tried the social module, and flat-out couldn’t connect for ~10 minutes of trying. Gave up, haven’t been back.

I want to love this game with all my heart but it’s making it so, so difficult.


I hear you, Lee. My biggest beef is they keep expanding the scope. Star Marine is not necessary at launch. I want a space simulator, not a first person shooter. The latter is a dime a dozen these days.