Star Citizen


So I pulled the trigger today and pledged my support for Star Citizen and banked me an Origin 300i. A bit more than I’m used to spending on a game, but I’m hoping it pays off. Seeing as how this is from the vision of the Wing Commander man (and Freelancer too! Oh my!), my money is probably better spent here than some of the other games out there today. If you’ve got this, I’m PadrinoFive7 there as well (shocking, I know).

I am a bit weary, however, as I was a bit shocked at the prices they were asking as far as pledges go (some items were well above the $100 range and others even into the $1K+ range), and honestly, I felt mine to be a bit above norm for a game that doesn’t exist today. That said, I’m concerned that I feel as though I’ll be one of the lower-class in-game, despite having dropped 65 real, hard-earned dollars I’m praying these high prices (say $50+ for a new ship in real cash) don’t remain after the game goes live. I enjoy games, and I certainly wouldn’t mind an MMO like this to be worth my time, but I don’t want it to be a huge money-pit either, and it shouldn’t be. I’d love to see this not become a Pay-To-Win as I’ve seen so many other games turn out as of late when they rely on selling every possible item in a real-dollar market. The rich pay their way to being (see: owning) the best and those of us who are selective with our gaming cash suffer under them or through absurd amounts of hourly gameplay just to move up in the world (Yes, Planetside 2, I’m looking at you). If one couldn’t afford to purchase the game and weapons even somewhat equivalent enough of taking down their high-priced ‘loot’, you were left spending more time grinding and doing meaningless tasks than you were actually enjoying the game.

We’ll see, I suppose. I’ve got my hopes, my doubts, and I intend on taking them with me to Star Citizen’s space. Who’s with me?


Interesting. I loved Wing Commander and miss a decent flying game of any sort on the market now. I don’t mind Kickstarting a game if it looks good and this does. I don’t have the cash to spend now, but maybe in a couple weeks, I’ll have enough for the Bounty Hunter level. I’ll definitely be watching this closer now.


I backed during the original period about a year ago. Got me an Origin 300i with lifetime hull insurance, some skins for it, and a few extras. All told I’m pledged for about $135. If they can even do half the stuff they’re promising this game will kick so much ass.


Ended up with an Origin 325A myself—I think the majority of backers are going to be flying around in some manner of Origin.

I’ve hated every single MMO I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a whole lot of them. I’m absolutely planning on diving into the single player campaign, but maybe this will be the MMO that makes me not hate MMOs?

Eh, not likely. It would need to not have other people in it for that to be a possibility :blush:


So we should start building some sort of CoG squadron now?



Need to work “havening” into the name somehow.


There are more ships on sale up until November 26, though a quick check of prices shows that the “featured” ships are…pricey. On the other hand, they’re mostly multi-user ships, so I suppose they’re priced to be shared.

I should probably bootcamp over into Windows and try out the hangar module…


Yeah, I saw that too. Umm, no thanks, I think I’ve spent more than usual for a game that isn’t even alpha yet. I can’t imagine that some felt the need to go beyond the $200 mark, but from what I’ve seen in the forums, many have. Start Citizen is nearing the funding goals of major blockbuster games (which is a good thing, I suppose), reaching $30.8M as of this morning. Crazy, considering it was at $27M and change when I signed on just 11 days ago. I think I’m about done with the pledges, however. I’ll take my chances making a place in the game against all those Heavy Backers (I seriously couldn’t believe how many Vice and High Admirals I saw in the forums). I appear to be amongst the average Bounty Hunter level backer.

I’m glad, and I’d like to think this will be “the one” space game we’ve all been waiting for. I’ve looked at the expected release goals, and, depending on how my system handles the Dogfighting Module, it may be that I’ll have to upgrade my video card and slap in some additional memory to even handle the mid-level settings by the time they release in 2014/2015. It’s already been said that a 64-bit system with 8GB of RAM is required.

Forum comments have said that current GTX 770 cards will produce a “Medium” graphical experience when game releases, which should suffice until you can get a future GTX 880 or 980 (or comparable AMD card). I’m running a GTX 550Ti, so I can only imagine I’ll be shopping for a new card later on down the road. The Hangar Module still looks awesome on Medium settings (a bit too much blur and bloom for my taste), so I can only hope that the Dogfighting Module holds up just as well. If so, there may be hope for me yet with Alpha.


Arena Commander launched today. In case anyone’s interested in a 10GB download of pure awesome.


And here I had just resigned myself to skipping Wild Star’s release because my gaming rig is still in shambles…


I had just read this, but I think it was posted by Chris Roberts some time ago. It explains how the “deaths” are handled in SC:


I’ve been spending a hell of a lot of time playing Elite: Dangerous, but I was excited last night to try Star Citizen, too. It’s definitely in a lot rougher shape than E:D. But I’ve spent an equally ludicrous amount of money on both games!


Hah, and here I am just now trying Spore last night.

Ohh, my greenlight/kickstarter game of interest… Sunless Sea.


Pulled the trigger on a 315p upgrade to my 300i. Just thought it’d be nice to have the upgraded engines and tractor beam (for grabbing science, I’m guessing; it’s a tad of a lightweight to be used for dropped cargo from battle.).

I still can’t figure out why I can’t fly my 315p in Arena Commander. Even when I had my 300i, I had to use the training variant they provided. Granted, their variant has missiles where mine does not (I figure that’s a fairly cheap in-game upgrade).


I just finally bought the new XCom a week ago. The days of new games on my 2007-era desktop are just about over.


I hear you, Sig. I’m badly in need of a new gaming rig as well. I’m also in need of cash to purchase said rig. :frowning:


I kickstarted Warmachine last year, it comes out in August, and I don’t have anything that will play it.


Ohhh, anyone seen the trailer for The Division?

That looks totally bad ass. I wonder how many people per server though.


Arena Commander V 0.9 is out. Recently patched as well. They’ve made some drastic changes to speed, which appears to be for the better.


I now have a computer with a Core i7 and current gen graphics so I’ll have to go check out Arena Commander and such.