Squeak squeak!

Hello guys! Mouse here! Please make me feel welcome!

Well, the basic introduction goes something like this. Weapons check on the right, first box of pens free. Soul check on the left. Watch out for the rat, and feel welcome to contribute to the conversations.

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Huh? This mouse is confused.

There’s a lot of history in that welcome. Pens to the neck are the favoured weapon of the frustrated geek. After 1000 posts Ms.Tanja will come along to collect your soul unless prior arrangements have been made. :wink:

Oh. Well then, I guess I’m welcome here unlike that brick wall covered place called http://meta.discourse.org. The co founder Jeff Atwood had the nerve to ask me what my purpose was for being there. Apparently he hates fun.

I hope to have lots of fun with you, @Nabiki , and the rest of this place!!! This little mouse loves to have fun!

Well, for more background on the dark, murky background of this board, you might want to check out https://www.chroniclesofgeorge.com/ if you haven’t already.

Welcome, Mr. Mouse!

Thanks robot! Please don’t squish me!

Discourse Meta is for discussing issues surrounding the development of the Discourse forum software. If you showed up and demanded to be made welcome and entertained rather than contributing to Discourse dev-focused discussions, then yeah, it’s not surprising Jeff asked you why you were there. It looks like your account’s been removed and whatever topics you started over there have been scrubbed, too.

My account is still there.

Huh, so it is. Offtopic posts are gone, though.

If we had a specific purpose for this group, we left it on the server four or five migrations ago.


Did CoG ever have a purpose?

(What a purple porpoise, instead?)

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You forgot to explain about Ratty and his “habit”. Which, on second thought, is probably a good thing. We don’t really want to scare the Mouse.


More rodents? Has @Puma been notified?

Welcome to the inside of the asylum, @AdamTheMouse.

I’m pretty sure @moufassa is, or soon will be, aware of the situation.

I’m not scared. nothing scares me! Not even a cat. :slight_smile:

What about Orange Clean®?

Maybe that scares me. :open_mouth: