Sportsball Highlight Reel

Post yer insane sports highlights!

We’ll start with the finale of the “Iron Bowl”, Auburn vs. Alabama. I mean…does this EVER happen?

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I’ve heard that a field goal returned for a touchdown has only happened 4 other times in Division 1 NCAA football history. The fact this one happened on the final play of the game and gave Auburn the victory is simply amazing.

I just saw the same on reddit, @Road_Rash. It’s the 5th time it’s happened (second this year - the most recent before was 1968), and the first time that it was a walk-off score.

Absolutely unreal.

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Thanks for the correction, Dak.

I didn’t correct anything. Everything you said was 100% true. I just expanded upon it.

I didn’t get to see it live. We had just gotten back from dinner and my father turned the TV on. It was serendipity - just as they were lining up for the kick the screen blinked on. He saw it live, I had to settle for the hundreds of replays.

I just wasn’t sure if it was 4 or 5 times.

I’ve seen it in both college and the pros (Chargers returned one 109 yards for a touchdown against Minnesota in 2007), but never on the final play like that. The look on Nick Saban’s face was priceless. I am not a fan of his so his tears are so tasty right now.

It’s only happened once in your lifetime in Div I college ball, and that was earlier this year.

[quote]The look on Nick Saban’s face was priceless.[/quote]Remember that he had to argue w/ the refs that a second had to be put back on the clock just to get the chance to make that kick. He put in a kid who’d never really attempted a kick in a game before because his regular kicker had missed 3 FGs already. So it was two decisions that fall squarely on Saban’s shoulders that lead to that score.

And it couldn’t have happened to a bigger prick. :slight_smile: Not that I’m STILL bitter about how he left us high-and-dry at MSU when he left for LSU. Too bad, so sad, Nickyboy… :slight_smile: