Spoiler tags now available

We should now have working cool blurry spoiler tags.

Dumbledore is Snape’s father!

Ooooh, nice. It works!

To use:

[spoiler]Spoilers go here[/spoiler]

I am told this works for images as well. Let’s see.

GAH. Well then.

Nice! Well, maybe not the scary clown…

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Very cool! I like how it blurs the text and images. :sunglasses:

Is that first one true? I still haven’t seen the last few movies nor read any of the books after the first one.

Edit: Also, I especially appreciate how you can re-blur it with another click. Very useful for the clown, in particular. You really can unsee things now.

Ohh, clicking! Thank you, I was drag highlighting. Persistent clown is creepy.

I like the mouse over, half unblur, then click to totally unblur… though it did confuse me at first.

That’s cool. Now let’s just hope people don’t go overboard with it.

Actually - I can see that it would be a very good way to hide “rude” words from people who may be upset or offended by that sort of fucking language.

It should be noted that if you are getting e-mail notifications, the spoilers will show as normal. Including that freaky clown.