Spidey returns from the dead

Any old-timers still on the board? I might need to borrow a nuke.

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Look for anyone with the Old Time CoGer badge. :slight_smile: There are a few of us around.

Welcome back!

Good to see you again! :slight_smile:

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Are the old forums archived anywhere? I realize that '04 was a long time ago, but was hoping to hit up some of my old favorite threads for a re-read.

'04 would be two platforms ago, IIRC. We had the nanc.com phpBB board hosted by Bob back then, then @Lee_Ars started hosting it on something else, then he moved us over here to Discourse.

He may have backups somewhere but they’re probably not usable without redeploying everything else.

We went through two reboots and had to start over both times. A couple of people like myself saved a few specific messages they were interested in, but it wasn’t the whole database.

RRabbit42 and dak are correct. Although the printerer thread is still kicking around somewhere. :slight_smile:

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I just found where I saved those files, way back at the end of March 2012. Some really good stuff in there, including the infamous “thong in the power supply” thread.


Printerer thread needs a seri-ass update! :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, you have GOT to share the “thong in the power supply” thread!

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@Severine, that was your story wasn’t it?

I haven’t seen Sev around for ages, and nobody else can really tell that story, so @RRabbit42 doing a copy/paste is probably the only way that will get shared.

I posted the thong story here, but decided it fit better over in “The Bitching Hour Strikes Again”, so head there for the tale.

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