Special Deal at LuluJr. (parents!)

I’ve just been informed that Lulujr.com has a special going today. It expires at midnight, Pacific Time.

Anyone who buys one of their “My Awesome Book” kits, will get the “My Comic Book” kit for free. There is no coupon code required. (You’ll see the message about the free kit after putting in billing and shipping information, before submitting the payment method and information)

It’s a pretty awesome gift for a creative kid. I know if I had a kid, I’d be buying at least one.

This was posted on Wednesday? I think it might have been.

It’s 7:45 here right now, it says it was posted 5 hours ago, you are 3 hours behind me, so I think I missed this.

No, you didn’t. I posted it shortly after midnight on Thursday. You still have all day and half the night.

Cool, probably pick up.