Speaking of Minecraft


So if “teh Jawa” ever shows up here again we can launch him somewhere else?


Just in case anybody got too hopeful about it being native now, Minecraft still uses Java, just the new launcher handles getting the Java runtime.


Ha ha, I figured the diamond mine would be popularly, but I hadn’t realized just how much everyone would love it:


Wow, that’s a lot of gone diamond.


I hope they had the wisdom to use a fortune enchanted pickaxe.

I guess we’ll be seeing diamond buildings in the near future?


I got so much diamond I’m not sure what to do with it. And I only got a few blocks worth.


Well, Microsoft figured out how to get that killer ap for 10.

Minecraft 10 Beta. Must run on winders 10, and it drops Java, with promised cross platform compatibility with tablet and phone Pocket Edition sessions. Up to 7 players per local server, maybe 8 don’t remember now.

Quicker, faster, no java, supposedly more solid. No idea what this does to modding.


Grumble grumple, get out of my pie…


I got sucked into Terraria. Especially on my phone.


Terraria is an awesome time-sink, but not on the mobile platform. I found the controls too irritating. (7" tablet.)

My eldest has recently re-discovered Minecraft. Last time was maybe 18 months ago, and he was just coordinated enough with the mouse and keyboard to accidentally set fire to all of my structures, fall in a deep hole, and die with all of my good gear. At age 7, he’s a little more coordinated. Also: creative mode.


Since I built the new PC we play together, my daughter is 8 and has been playing on the PE for a couple years. On our shared world she is supposed to be building our house while I do other stuff. So far I’ve built a 14x14 pit to bedrock, a nether portal, a automatic chicken farm, a guest house, and a bunch of silly stuff.

She has built a story and a half of the house, with no roof, and I cut more than half the wood, I live in the guest house. It’s a blast, but I think we need to work on focus. She also screams and runs away when she sees a monster.


See I’m kind of the opposite. I agree that it’s kind of irritating on my 7" tablet but on my Nexus 6, it’s pretty good.(Have a MOGA PowerA that I could use but tend not to. Too much of a pain to get it connected) I prefer it over the PC and Console versions too. It may just be that since it’s always in my pocket, I’ve gotten pretty far along. I have about 60 Lepus eggs and have a trap setup to farm him once a day or so. I’m currently working on a goldfish farm so I can set it up on my desk at work and make some dollas! I have yet to hit hardmode but I don’t want to screw up the world I currently use so I’m setting up another world for it.


I have it on my Kindle, and it’s sort of fun, I just get killed by the skeleton boss all the time, can’t seem to invest enough into it to really do it up.


So I finally caved and bought Minecraft PE for dakson’s iPad 1 (iOS 5.1.1). It proceeded to crash repeatedly. Someone “helpfully” found that if you disable WiFi, it works. Yay, he can’t play online. But that also means he won’t be able to play on a home server if/when I set one up.

He played for 30 minutes in the car. Then got carsick and spewed.


Try survivalcraft too. It’s like a heavily modded minecraft.


+1 for SurvialCraft. I kind of liked it better than Minecraft. It felt just different enough if that’s a way to explain it.


I thought PE versions couldn’t play on regular versions (for servers) anyway. But I could be wrong. I’m clean for at least 6 months from Minecraft, I think.


One reason I stop playing was the lack of risk after a certain point. “Vanilla” minecraft seemed to go to the point where shared servers were more about building monolithic but empty palaces.

I prefer the ‘early game’ experience where it’s more about building a cool safe little ‘home base’ and if you’re in multiplayer, you have either a shared town or have to really think about voyaging to a friend’s house because it’s scary at night.


Changing with Minecraft 10, Xbox, PE, and PC will all share. Maybe not Xbox, but I know PC and PE.

Which is why I have nine million worlds and have never legitimately made it to the End. It isn’t until recently that I stopped just carving a hole in the side of a cliff to live in. I used to find a hill with a nice view, and just dig a hole in it.


In case you didn’t know, you can actually get the Minecraft 10 Beta for free if you log into Mojang. Obviously, you’ll need to be running on Windows 10 before use, but you can at least keep your free purchase in the store after claiming it to await your inevitable transition over to Windows 10.