Speaking of Minecraft


Does it say ATF on the side?


Is it the Amazon Delivery Drone? And is it Sunday?

(Ooop… Wrong thread… :wink: )


It only updates once per day, I think around 3 AM Eastern time. (I don’t remember exactly when I set it up. On the old server the map took hours to render so I decided once a day was enough.)

It is there Because I Willed It Into Being And There Is Where It Pleased Me To Park It. Also because I decided that’s going to be the ship for the Shipwreck Server Event and needed to dock it somewhere at Spawn. If it’s interfering in your airspace it should be gone in a little while.


Nah, I just saw it on the overhead map, a little shocking.


mcMMO is now running on the server again. If that seems to go OK, I’ll look at maybe adding a couple other plugins back in.


Oh my, I just happened upon Mob Squad. Am I finally catching up to the times? Hilarious!


There is a new little building near the teleport hub on my server:

Entering it and pushing the button will reset your spawn far away and teleport you there. The Shipwreck Event is now live. There’s an ender chest in the crashed ship so if you want to bring supplies beyond what you normally carry, put them in an ender chest and we’ll eventually recover them. I’m going to say no obsidian and no lava buckets, if we want to make a nether portal we’ll have to dig for those resources. Basically it’s a “start over far away” event. We can figure out from there if we just want to start fresh or set a goal to make it back to Spawntown or what. I’m not really setting a lot of rules on what you can bring with you or anything, but I only brought the stuff I normally carry and a bit of extra food.

The Shipwreck Server Event is entirely opt-in. If you want to join in, go to the booth and hit the button. If not, you can safely ignore it.


That’s a pretty cool way to do an event like that.

Although I can think of some rather hilarious things to do with the same mechanic.


I’d love to take part! I just want to finish my building project first. I could start over, but I’ve already put over a month into the building. All those resources!

Give me another month or so. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m in. I just need to block out the time to start up tonight. I’m also feeling the need to build vertically.


This is AWESOME! I agree. A fantastic way to do an event like this.


I made a new house, but I didn’t realize the clouds going through it would make it look like I didn’t have a roof.

Please don’t light torches around it though… it will likely melt.


I have installed the Lockette plugin, you can now lock chests with signs. I turned off the ‘Quick-Protect’ setting so it won’t automatically fill in the stuff on the sign to make it private. If you want to lock a chest so only you can open it, put a sign on it with “[Private]” on the first line and your Minecraft name on the second line.

If you don’t want to bother with locking chests, you can safely ignore the plugin. (Except that you won’t be able to open other chests people have locked, of course.)


I might have to go back to Minecraft (even though I just got Terraria for my phone) because of this.

Download and run Minecraft.msi. This will install Minecraft and create a shortcut in your start menu. If you’d like a version without an installer, you may use Minecraft.exe instead. You do not need Java installed to run either of these.

Emphasis is mine.


Wait, it will run like a regular program now without a jaba launcher?


That’s what the man said.


Wait, Minecraft has Jawa launchers?


Is that anything like a dwarf tosser?




Well, actually.

Since all the villagers I hear sound like Jawa, and you could build a launcher out of pistons. Yeah, it has a Jawa Launcher.