Speaking of Minecraft


I haven’t ever used IRC. What client should I use?


What? I don’t even… Really?


Not too far off Viking.

Wow P57, that’s a revelation.


Wow, way to make a guy feel naked.

Now that I look, I do recall having mIRC at one point in time. But I stuck with Yahoo! Messenger, for some reason. A girl must have been involved.


Not that I used it a lot or anything.


I use Chatzilla in Firefox, although I have not had call to use it for over a year.


Limechat is my preferred client on OS X (I’m in IRC every day, since that’s our virtual office). Colloquy is popular but I don’t care for it as much as Limechat.

If you’re on Windows then I got nothing :slight_smile:


Some days, I think that “nothing” would be better than Windows.


So, thank you, @Woodman, I’ve officially built my own auto-cooked chicken farm. However, I’ve made a few modifications to the design, which allows me to get both cooked chickens and fresh eggs. I’ve also added another place to add any extra eggs I’ve come across into the device so that it will attempt to cook those.




Care to clue me in? Other than parts of it looking like the set of Doom?

Have they released Escher blocks in Minecraft yet?


The blue stuff is diamond ore, from which you can make the best quality gear and tools. It is normally pretty rare and hard to acquire.


Awesome, that took a while to find, thanks!


seems legit


I laughed my arse off when I had idled while researching Circuits (I was building an auto-sugarcane farm from scratch) and came back to find I was encased in Obsidian. Luckily, I had a diamond pickaxe on hand for it. 2 bits of good news, I logged off and successfully implemented an auto-farm for cane.


Man, I need to get back on. I bought a Wii U this past weekend, and playing all the silly Wii games with my youngest is eating up my gaming time. I’m having fun playing with my daughter, don’t get me wrong, but I do need adult gaming time too. Not everything can be running around making sure I don’t win every single game every time in Nintendo Land.


Finished making modifications to the “AutoCane”. Found a way to make the pulsar length longer so that it would give the cane a longer chance to grow. Potentially, you could have multiple rows stem from a single clock. When I pick a 2nd house location, I might toy around with that idea. Here’s a few pictures:


I’ve added and abetted in creating a redstone monster!


I wonder if the Normandy is here to clean up the Sandstorm.

That said, I decided to go exploring today, specifically places that didn’t appear on the Overviewer map, and I found an ice palace on my return back to spawntown (to be honest, I’m a little lost, so I’m try to find my bearings). Was a neat find and it looks to be generated. Anyone know if this is just random or if a user built this?

Despite my exploring, it doesn’t appear that those grey areas are filled in. How does this work? What has to be done for these to get filled in by the Map Overviewer?


Why the hell is there a spaceship parked above my house?