Speaking of Minecraft


Of course that’s probably it. I forgot they didn’t aggro on just the person who attacked them.


Well, it’s weird, I got back into the Nether, and all my stuff was there (huzzah!). They stopped being aggressive for all of 2 minutes, so I thought, what the hey, I’ll just look for some quartz while I’m down here. Then another came from across the field to find me. There’s gotta be a ghast or something else hurting one of them that’s making it happen. That said, I’ve found the appropriate portal to enter from as it’s got a somewhat better chance of not having 5 angry pigmen sitting next to it.


I’ve seen the Nether be resposnible for several item duping bugs for some reason… probably a known eccentricity, but I’ve done repeated corpse-runs for my owns tuff and ended up with a full inventory of half-damage arms and armor and whatever else I was carrying duplicated 3-4 times.


A couple players were reporting lag today, so I rebooted the server. (I may have forgotten to do my usual weekly reboot.) Maybe the nether will behave better now.


Yeah, yesterday was brutal. I got kicked and then when I came back a couple hours later my sidewalk was all busted up.

And hey, I have a semi automatic melon farm! I’ve never played with redstone too much, this is kind of fun.


The house is completed and I opted to create a little something of a landmark. Pictures below of the house and the Creeper Monument.


@Woodman, you wanted to create a Redstone Lamp that works only at night. This changed with 1.8 (you used to have to use a sticky piston and a not switch to get one), but I believe you just need to throw an inverted Daylight Sensor (just right click it) on top of the Redstone Lamp. Much smaller than the one I used to have to build. I’m going to implement this next now that I’ve had a successful Nether run.


That’s awesome dude. I have to clean my crap up, maybe I’ll put my farms under a dome or something.

Or maybe I’ll move into the winter forest over on your side of the map. I like snow better than rain.


Yeah, I had forgotten that I’d rather have snow over rain. But, now that I’ve done it (and it rains over here more often than most areas), it’s actually calming. I’ve always loved the sound of the rain. And it’s even better during the electric storms!

On a side note, I’ve had spiders and creepers randomly spawn in the house and I can’t figure out why. It’s lit up like a Christmas tree in there.


I’ve been meaning to ask about the channel for chat on this server. Where is it and how do I get in, if need be?


I keep a Mumble server active that I’m happy to let you guys camp on, if @CaptainCaveman doesn’t have one active. PM me for the server password (would rather not post it in thread for random internet passersby to snag).

edit - this actually prompted me to move the murmurd/mumble server off of the tiny little gateway box and onto the big hefty server with tons of free RAM, and then request new TLS certificates, and then set up a proper A record for it. So “mumble.bigdinosaur.org” lives!


The IRC channel that gets routed into the in-game chat is at #minecraft on irc.arstechnica.com.


I wondered how people were chatting in game that weren’t there.

Out of curiosity, how long do you go between resets @CaptainCaveman? And how long since the last one? And how do you set up a teleporter?

And what was the deal with the lava in town that one day?

@PadrinoFive7, I’ve started building a tower out your direction, it’s still within sight of a giant buttplug, which makes it just like my last house, but it’s in the snow at least.


You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?


N[quote=“ClockWorkXon, post:114, topic:514”]
You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?

As God is my witness there is someone on the server that makes giant buttplugs all over the place, I think he’s made three of them now. They are the tallest things around, and you can see them for ages. One he built after I picked my house location, this one just happens to already be there.


There are just so many things I could say.

I thought that objects created by others were tagged with their username or something.


Nah, in Minecraft there is no way to know if something is even “natural” or man made. I know who is making them, he seems to enjoy it, and the inside of them is usually a garden or something, he has them labeled as temples.

Since Minecraft is a block (Or Pixel) by block landscape, you can just move stuff around and build things. It take a human eye to identify what belongs to a construct and what’s just there.


I’ve noticed one in the Nether, too. BTW, I’ve learned something new. Thanks for showing me the map. That is helpful for identifying biomes I’m interested in.

Another note about the night-lamps. Apparently the Daylight sensor doesn’t shut them off during the day, which is odd. That’s my experience with the 3 I have outside my home.


Hmm. I guess we’ll have to come up with some other name for those, I promised at least one person we’d keep it family friendly so he could log on and explore with his little kid.

If you mean resets like server restarts, I try to remember to do it about once a week. If you mean resetting the map, it’s been up since April, haven’t done one yet, and no plans to any time soon. When I migrated to 1.8 I pruned the world around what people had built so the new stuff would generate around it.

The lava was me messing around trying to do a server event that was going to end with a big volcano, but it just kind of trailed off when I got bored with it.

Teleporters are just command blocks that an admin has to set up. I’ll generally set them up if somebody asks when I’m on (and if their base is reasonably far away from Spawntown).


I’ve never played MineCraft, and only have a vague passing interest in it.

To me, it looks like the alien love-child of Second Life and Lego.