Speaking of Minecraft


Ohh, kin I play?


Sure. I think you’re already whitelisted (I whitelisted whatever names I recognized/remembered from the BigDino server).


I ought to try this again. My 6-year-old is coordinated enough now that he may be able to “help” without destroying everything.


Sig you should already be whitelisted on my server unless you’ve got an additional/different account from the one you used for BigDino. There’s at least one other guy who logs on with his kid so general “family friendly” rules are more-or-less in effect.


I got on and made a horribly ugly house on an island north of the spawn area.

And I wandered everywhere. And realized my house is even uglier than I thought. There is some awesome stuff on there.


It never occurred to me that in running this server, I was setting myself up to have to sort of deal with customer service in my hobby now.

Have a guy on another board who sent me a PM asking to be whitelisted, but I’m now on my third message from the guy in a back-and-forth where he has still not managed to give me his actual Minecraft username so I can whitelist him…


Here’s a handy email template that may help:

Dear %prick%;

Kindly %fudge% off.

And by “template”, I mean “copy and paste into the email”.

Edited to Add:
You do remember the rule “No ticket, no tech support”, right?


Help me help you…


Ehrmagerd! I’m having all kinds of stupid fun on there. I have never just built stuff to be building it, to see if I could pull it off or make it look neat. I’ve also never burned down half a forest before, that was my bad.

I can’t say what I’ve built is pretty, but it’s interesting, or at least I think so. I’ve also noticed that someone has tied their tunnel system both into the mine below my house and into the chasm I was exploiting. Which is kind of awesome to just be piddling around placing torches and run into a door underground, that has a sign on it no less.


@CaptainCaveman - I’d love to take a look around and start building among friends. Can you send me the server details?

Name is the same as Forum name. :wink:

Guess you didn’t recognize me :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh well, let me know when you have the chance to do it. I’d love to pitch in!


It’s farther up in teh thread. www.unseeable.com

And last night when I got on I saw that someone had pissed off a creeper in front of my bridge right where my lava path ends. I was crushed, and it took forever to get the obsidian out of the canal.


Just whitelisted you.


A lower GI should clear that up fairly well.


So, I’ve set up a tiny island just east of The Arena. A “floating farm” is ongoing and progress is great. I, however, being on an island, don’t have express access to farm animals, so I’m wondering if I could partner with another to have an off-site barn/animal ranch. If there’s already one in Spawntown, let me know.


You could tap into the tunnel network to get some there. Or lure some there across the water.


Making progress on the island home. Loving the 1.8 update so far (especially the new blocks).


Ah man, that’s a lot cooler than my joint. I need to get better at imagining what I can accomplish in game.


You almost have me interested in playing.

But I have enough needlessly complicated projects going on.


Same here, but I’m still not sure that I would find it entertaining.


It’s an awesome timewaster for me, especially when stressed. It’s fairly zen for me to start in a world with nothing and be able to build/create stuff. Here’s the current progress on the island home. Working on the 2nd floor and room segments now.