Speaking of Minecraft


My 11 yo set up his own server on his iMac , port forwarding mods skype the whole 9 yards with no help from me at all. Read the directions and just did it. He and his school friends have a ball with it.


1.8 is out. All the mods are broken again, I has sad.


But now it’s owned by Microsoft so the patching will be so much better right?


I think we need a tongue-in-cheek smiley.
:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: is as close as I can find


Wait, Microsoft bought Mojang?

Edit: Well, !$#@.


Yep. I should get back into Minecraft—it’s been a while since I had the BigDino server up and running.


I shouldn’t get pissed, honestly. It’s bound to happen with every great idea, some other company with mass amounts of money would snag it up. Personally, I’d rather Google have done this than Microsoft, but whatever.

Nothing is sacred anymore.


No, they’d just kill it like they do with everything else they’ve bought that I loved. grumble grumble Sparrow


Personally, I think Minecraft is in better hands with Microsoft. Both my son (13) and daughter (10) are avid Minecraft players and were initially upset about the news because Markus “Notch” Persson once criticised MS. However, my son (who is the more hardcore Minecraft player) came around quicker to the sale than my daughter who still thinks they sold out. My son would’ve taken the $2.5 billion as well.


Seriously. I don’t think there is anything I could own that I wouldn’t sell for $2.5 billion. Actually, no there isn’t anything. If it was an heirloom I’d take a picture and put it next to a picture of the check on the wall of my castle.

One thing I’m concerned about is them trying to make “official” mods and killing the mod community.


I would have a hard time selling my kids for $2.5 billion (my wife wouldn’t even consider it), but everything else is fair game. :wink:

I think my son would go ballistic if they killed the mod community. Once he discovered the Super Craft Brothers PvP servers his life changed when he first felt the thrill of online gaming. I asked him this morning and he said he was over 32,000 kills and 33rd on the leaderboard.


They ‘say’ they won’t be changing the game too much. We’ll see about that. I too <3 the user mods and think it’s a shame whenever they lock that kind of content out on any game. One good thing that might come of this is now that Notch doesn’t have a say, I’m pretty sure MS will shoehorn Minecraft onto the Rift the very first chance they get. So there’s that anyway.


The Rift?

And yeah, I didn’t count kids or spouses since I don’t own mine. I pay rent on them.

I wonder if they’ll bother running people through the code to optimize/clean it? Optifine should not be a mandatory mod.

I also wonder how copywritten mods will fare, no one bothered to sue Mojang, but MS could be worth a swing at for things like Pixelmon. I don’t think it’s a violation since the people making it aren’t making money, but people have paid off dumber lawsuits.


Very true although you can have my wife for a mere $1 billion. :stuck_out_tongue:


The Oculus Rift (now making Samsung Gear it seems). If you hop out to Tested and do a little searching, you can find them doing some nice reviews of the unit.


I’ve got one on order, too. Soon as it shows up, I’m going to town on it.



Has anyone found the Rei’s or Zan’s minimap? All of a sudden, it looks like the minecraft forums posts are gone. Now I only see gamespot posts with very very phishy URLs.


Rei stopped updating I believe, and Zan threw a hissy fit and ragequit, but then said he was just updating it.

I think, I dug through all the minimaps a couple months ago, and it’s like drama central for Minecraft Mods.


I’m still not forgiving you for not posting the pyramid map (just kidding… mostly :slight_smile: ), but if you just want to get into playing rather than setting your server back up, you’re already whitelisted on my server.

Edit: It’s running 1.8 Vanilla now.