Speaking of Minecraft


I don’t remember what I’ve got Minecraft’s memory set to, but I can tweak it and see what happens. I want to say I’ve got it at 1.5GB, but I don’t remember. I do know that my VM has 2GB allocated to it.


Wasn’t sure if I posted it before in the previous forum or not but I successfully completed an underwater lab and a sky castle. Was a pretty fun adventure doing these and I’m looking forward to experimenting with more. I was pretty proud to effectively implement a night-time auto gate (via solar sensor; picture 3) that locks up at night to keep the baddies out of my lab.

Some may have noticed a few chunks that haven’t fully loaded (easily seen in #1 & 2). How do you fix this? Not usually an issue when you’re in a forest and such, but looks terrible on the coast.


Face the other way for pics!!!

Seriously though, you could go out there, make them load, then come back and take the pic.

Did you do all that in survival? I almost never get past hollowing out a hill for my house and then walling in a yard.


These were definitely not in survival (I almost feel bad for saying it), but given the ridiculousness of what doing this would entail (that’s a lot of iron for the sea lab!) and I probably would have fallen a bazillion times doing the dirt base for the flying castle (it’s filled in, not hollow!). These were very time consuming (building underwater is a pain in the arse because you have to destroy each water block by replacing it with something else) so it was a couple of weeks in production when I had spare time. I have built some other things in Survival (I’ll take some more pics) that are pretty neat. I’ve actually been successfully able to hollow out a hill and not hit a cave system in which defeats the purpose of said hilled home.


I had my first go at a community server and I was honestly a bit surprised at the lack of community there was. People tend to stick to themselves. Though it was pretty cool to see what people had built, most wanted you to stay away from their part of the sandbox. I suppose it’s best to find a group of people you know first and go with them rather than jumping in and trying to build along with someone who’s hours into their personal group projects. I dunno, I’m still looking. I’m not always on Minecraft, but that’s generally because it feels so alone when you’re building stuff. There’s no one there to appreciate that amazing building you’ve mined blocks hours for. That said, it’s an awesome zen game for me when I’ve got too much going on.


I tried the Dino server last year, and it was pretty cool, but so advanced I felt silly building my mud hut.


My main contributions to the Dino server were a series of small, unobtrusive tree houses stretching out miles and miles to the east.


Ooo… that gives me an idea. Geocaching type ‘Find Me’ game in Minecraft. Can you find my little hovel?


That would work, especially with REI’s minimap installed. Might be a bit too easy though.Still fun, sometimes I get stuck in Minecraft because I want to do somethign but don’t know what. That sort of sillyness would be fun.

I’ve never found The End, or the portal that would send me there. HAven’t made an eye of whatever. I usually get to a certain point and then make a new world.

I think an online community might get me back into it, as soon as all my mods catch up to the current version.


Here’s my latest Survival World home in a hill. It’s been an expansion of a few months work, but I finally got my observation tower finished. It’s connected to a ravine on the other side of the hill that I intend on covering with a wood and glass closure to keep the baddies out during the night as I’ve noticed creepers like to drop off the ledges and cause havoc.


Minecraftocache. Maybe not a map, but a direction finding arrow or something?


With a signal strength indicator.


This is way cooler than anything I’ve built. I’m always on the edge of subsistance in my games. Very little if any automation, half assed farms, and little or no decorations.

My mines end up a mess, my farms are haphazard. I think I need to learn how to play this again.


i think i’m still missing the point. Still prefer a batch of Legos… Or my beads. =)


Teh Boy has been asking about Minecraft a lot the past couple weeks. I don’t know if it’s because he has friends at school who play it, or what. We keep pushing him off with “we need to learn about it first” but he’s getting impatient.

Anyhoo…I’m intrigued by the idea of running our own server for him to play on. Is the online experience better enough for me to open things up to him playing with others (he’s 7)? I did some looking around and found a “family friendly” server at http://minesquish.indiesquish.com/, anyone played there?

If I run my own server, can it save system state between shutdowns (of the game server) so that I can control when and for how long he plays?


Parts of this are dated, but it may help. His scenario was similar.


So I finished my Ravine cover to keep the baddies from jumping down on top of me while I mine away it’s resources. Not the prettiest, but I think it provides ample protection while still allowing natural sunlight.

A view from my tower:

A view from inside:


Minecraft is great for kids. I would suggest you keep them offline, they can play single player survival which will be good enough until they get older and can better engage with people online. If you buy one copy, they can each have there own world. In my mind the best way to do it would be to have one game on the PC, they will have the same login but different worlds within. I hope they enjoy it.


Speaking of Minecraft servers, I will never, ever, ever forgive @Lee_Ars for not posting a copy of the pyramid map before it was lost forever.

However that crushing loss inspired me to start up my own Minecraft server (no one can lose the world on me if I own it!). It’s running on very old hardware so I don’t know how well it will hold up yet, but so far testing has been mostly OK. If anybody wants to pop in, you just need to let me know your Minecraft name so I can whitelist you. Server address for the Minecraft client is www.unseeable.com and there’s a map you can view at http://www.unseeable.com/map.

Server is vanilla, 1.7.5.


CC! It’s been… years. 0_0 Good to see you post.