Speaking of Minecraft


I’ll periodically fire up and poke at a single-player world now and again for an hour or two, but ever since I let myself get sucked back into MMOs (EVE Online for about a year until late last year, then WOW again when the new expansion launched) I don’t spend much time outside that now :confused:


I got back on, all my stuff is still there, and the giant butt pugs are still on teh horizon from my house.


Quoting for posterity. I imagine you’ve long outgrown the gerbils, then? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not my butt plugs. But I remember being irritated because they blocked the view of the horizon and I couldn’t see PAdrino’s house as well from mine then.


I could get into some pure vanilla minecraft. It’s been literally years, but man, so much fun. Are giant vertical mob grinders still a thing??


with multiple horizontal levels on them. As well as switches to turn them on and off.


OK, Minecraft story time.

My daughter and I were playing on the Pi Server and she loves horses, so it’s time to go look for horses. We load up some leads, torches, and food. I give her some armor and she enchants it and we head off to the west to look for horses.

I swear it was like City Slickers with skeletons, creepers, and zombies. We found a small herd of horses and foals and tamed a couple to ride and tied the rest up. Then we got attacked and I killed my daughter’s horse while she was riding it. She was trying to use her sword on the same creeper that I was shooting my bow at. She was really torn up about that, and then we had to stop twice because it got dark, and we defended the horses in a makeshift corral. We ended up losing one more horse on the trip, and one of the foals grew up.

To end the trip she actually had to come back out and get me, I was dragging three horses and getting stuck and lost on everything, and was having real issues crossing a river when she came and helped me back to base.

We’ve talked about it two or three times since it happened, and we’ve determined that sometimes it’s worth it to do it the hard way, If we had just spawned in some horses she would have had them, but not as good of a story to go along with it.

Now she’s building her stables that she always plays with in Creative mode, but she’s learning how to get the resources and put it all together.

And she wants to make a mod…


This should totally be “a thing.”

Movie, literature, video game, whatever.

More on-topic: One reason I burned out on Minecraft was because it became less fun when servers I played on graduated from the ‘ekeing out survival’ stage to the ‘building castles in the sky’ stage. I never really saw an interest in the harsh PvP servers I’ve read about (the ones where the basic advice is, “Grab some supplies and plan to run for 3-4 days to get away from the blasted killing field that is the Spawn”) but I get bored when there’s too much civilization in the game and everyone is running around in diamond armor.


So do I, now I’ve never done a multiplayer server from scratch before. But in my solo games I get past basic survival and I get bored. I’ve set several goals for myself on the Pi.

  1. Get to the end and “finsh” the game. (I’ve never done this)
  2. Get everything automated.
  3. Learn Redstone better.
  4. Make something with my daughter that someone who doesn’t know Minecraft will look at and say “Cool!”

I look at the stuff I did on @CaptainCaveman’s server, and I’m like aww, how cute. I’m working on a villager breeding area now so I can set up a trading post and automated farms. I’ve been watching let’s plays while working and seeing some of the stuff people can do is amazing.


I’ve never played Minecraft.

I am almost as lost watching y’all talk about Minecraft as I am watching Nabiki and MSU Alexis talk about Pokeman. This is super sad (llike, pathetic sad, not unhappy sad) because I have used Pokemon GO on my phone. I say used, not played, because still have next to no clue what I’m doing. I originally installed it for two reasons only: for a short time, you could retain your Ingress username if you signed into PGo with the same login; and, to determine where portals were around my church, because players were disturbing the Pastor’s family at all hours (they live in parsonage on church property).

Apparently, though, there is more to Minecraft than digging impossibly deep holes, building impossibly tall columns, and random monsters.


The whole “virtual Lego” description is pretty accurate… One way in which it is accurate is there’s a lot of different kinds of Minecraft players. Here’s a rough breakout as I see it:

  • Architects focus on building things that are primarily just structures with aesthetic value. Extreme versions include giant art projects (in some cases, landscaping a massive plot of land so you can use a map as a custom in-game painting) or building massive objects like the ships from Star Trek in something approximating ‘scale.’ Some are happy in creative mode (no limits, spawn blocks) while some feel making a pretty castle/village on a ‘survival’ mode server is fun. Essentially, in ‘Survival’ monsters will attack and a base might take damage if it isn’t patrolled.

  • Engineers like to build systems and play with the tools given to them to do that. There’s an “electrical engineering” level with 'Redstone" a material that conducts virtual electricity and can be used to build circuits. I believe there’s simple microprocessors built using massive amounts of Redstone: it is thus possible to emulate (slowly) a computer in Minecraft. At another level, there’s some odd “mechanical engineering” as Minecraft physics is very different from our own. Note that there’s special blocks that spawn monsters: So, we can determine how to build around such a block that it constantly spawns monsters, drops them into a trap, and thus provides a constant stream of possibly-useful monster parts. (This is called a “mob grinder.”) In a Survival situation, they may also build cunning traps to lure in wandering creatures and destroy them.

  • Player vs. Player: Some players like to concentrate on killing their fellow man. Relatively obvious, but some servers support this by restricting it to ‘arenas’ with various deadly games. Others have made PvP their “thing” and new players need to fear the well-equipped veterans who will hunt them for sport. I’ve seen some stories about servers like this that get really weird as players try to hide their safe houses.

  • Explorers: Some players just enjoy seeing how far they can get from the ‘spawn’ where everyone appears. They strike out, and try to survive the harsh wilderness, building houses and such as they go.


Thanks, @balance!


We beat the Ender Dragon!!!

With only limited cheating. We teleported back to the stronghold after dying and had retain items on. And now after a bit more fiddling around I have an Elytra. Which totally changes the game, and starts showing the limitations of using a Pi as a server. I’m out flying the view distance.

My daughter and I promised each other next time we do this we don’t cheat at all. But since this is the first time we’ve even gotten this far it’s awesome no matter what.


Quick addendum:

Most of the above ‘goals’ can also be automated to greater or lesser extents. Some of the really impressive builds were done by automated tools, so you may not consider that quite as impressive.

One of my favorite Minecraft eras was when @Lee_Ars had a server and had a map system setup so there was a great map available via a webserver. In that case, I feel like it augmented but did not replace exploration and defending your homestead, and made the game more fun. OTOH, I’ve seen servers go downhill when admins start adding chests of exotic materials in to make other players happy.


OK, I have a Minecraft server running on my Pi. How do I get Pocket Edition to connect to it?


I am not 100% sure on this and I haven’t pulled out Minecraft PE in a while, but I thought that PE had to connect to a PE server. You can’t just connect to a standard Minecraft server since there’s things that are on Minecraft Standard that aren’t on PE. PocketMine is something I remember hearing about for the server setup. Not sure if you could get it on a Pi.


Yup, need PE edition.