South Africa burns (2019)


So a couple of conspiracies seems to be pointing toward the 24th of september being a key date in Germany, as admitted by a german parasitepolitician.

Nobody knows for sure what will happen, but coupling everything together, the energy shortages, high electricity prices, winter approaching, looming food shortages etc, one can only surmise that It Is Not Gonna Be Good™.

Over here in South Africa, we have lost half of our electricity generating capacity virtually overnight, and the situation just seem to worsen. Exacerbating this is the government’s insistence on employing blacks only, but most of these employees does not have the required skill or knowledge. If you’re white, your chance of getting employed is like a snowflake’s chances in Hell.

Already there are talks that some parts of the country will be disconnected from the electrical grid to ration electricity. What will happen then, is anybody’s guess, but my wager is that it won’t be good.

Sleeping with one eye open and one ear listening is starting to become a habit.

So far things are calm, but may change.

Will try to post updates, internet permitting etc.

Still hopeful that it’ll blow over and nothing bad happen, but it pays to be prepared and take nothing for granted.

Love you all, and I appreciate the good times we’ve had so far.

Like Terminator said : “I’ll be back”.


Keep your powder dry man. Good luck, it’s going to be a mess. The Gods of the Copybook Headings are coming.



Things are fairly quiet, except for sporadic small protests and lootings, nothing serious at this stage.

Everybody’s on edge with rotational blackouts, and crime have picked up significantly in areas during blackout periods.

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Stay safe @Ook.


Still have got power outages, but it seems as if they are makening progress with fixening the problematic coal-fired plants.

At least my SHTF kit is all prepped.