South Africa burns (2019)


No issues or troubles encountered en route, save for the usual thickheaded and pigheaded drivers.

Family was glad to see me. Celebrating youngest’s 4th birthday today.

Nice weather here. Sun is shining and everybody’s happy.




Still alive and well.

Tally ho!


Oh dear. Protest action on the rise.

Locked and loaded this side.

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Why do I have this vision of Ook’s country residence looking like this?

(Bonus points if you recognise this…)


/fires up Interceptor


Another example, unfortunately, of no matter how bad you think your life may be, there is usually someone somewhere that has it worse.


I try to apply that to my situation.

Somebody else may have it worse than me.

Especially the people in Afghanistan.


Tomorrow (Monday the 23rd of August) is going to be interesting.

Some whatsapps promise blood and fire. Others say that the police is on standby and ready.

And so on.

Just wtf is wrong with these people who want to drag everybody back into the stone age where we will be worse off? Already getting so over it.

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A day just like any other moanday in the past.

edit : no serious incidents to be reported.


Some people just want to watch the world burn…

Wednesday. Sitting in my room with the door open and havening a nice background noise of birds singing and tweeting and pooping and strutting around doing their bird stuff.

Hard to believe that the country (and world) is in upheaval with tranquility like this.

Just another Ook++ post, still alive and all that.


Saw in an article that Samsung is going to brick all of the smart TVs that were looted from their SA warehouse.
If you have a Samsung TV and it connects to the Internet, and they don’t have it registered as “purchased” then built-in software will lock it up. No TV, no Internet. Nothing but a screen to enter the release code, I’m guessing, since if you provide your receipt they’ll un-brick it for you.

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The sad reality is that most of those tellys will not see any internet connectivity.

Unless some bright spark decide to use it to stream youtube…

Will have to wait and see what happens. My guess is they will just get some clever guy to try and bypass that. Or avoid internet connectivity.

And we have trucks blocking the N3 between Warden and Villiers, as well as sporadic protests popping up randomly.

There’s lots of grumbling and protests building up regarding the fuel and food prices which’s going up and up… so lots of fun and games coming soon. :frowning:

N3 unrests have dieded out.

However, there’s protesting at 6 of the coal-fired power plants. If things get worse, we will be enjoying rolling blackouts.

Oh, joy. and more characters to meet the minimum

To turn them on or turn them off? I noticed at least Germany is firing coal back up after they turned off nuclear… seems bass ackwards.

A lot of mothballed coal plants are being brought back into life because Putin and gas.

The strikes are for salary increases.

Going to be interesting to see what happens. If the worst happen, Escape Plan Ook will be put in play.

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