South Africa burns (2019)

This is where I’ll post all xenophobia-related news.

Feel free to ignore.

I hope that you’re safe during all of this. Take care of yourself and your family.


Thievery like this is also a cause of our current situation. I’m going to try to blow this up. Hopefully we will succeed. Or not.

The difference between the South African football team and a tea bag is that the tea bag stays in the cup.

BOOM! South Africa burn.

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:rofl: just be careful, some footie fans take their teams very seriously.

SAA employees go on strike after rejecting deal. SAA cannot afford any wage/salary increases, it is deep in debt and Govt is also deep in debt and poo as revenue from income did not meet expectations (due to people emigrating and people starting to avoid paying tax).

And the good news just rolls in.

Apparently a lot of police officers with Casspirs and water cannons left for the Cape Town airport. Will post updates once received.

Strike is into its 5th day, and nobody’s budging.

Updated (yes, they have started a secondary strike already) :