Sony SW536C projector issues


We purchased a new Sony VPL-SW536C projector.

It works nicely, especially when giving presentations via wifi.

However, I can’t get the Interactive Presentation Utility 2 program to work as intended.

The projector is connected to the laptop with the supplied USB cable. Laptop do pick up the projector.

When I start the IPU2 program, it does not transfer the laptop’s image over to the projector, instead the IPU2 remains on the laptop’s screen, no matter what I do. I have tried two other laptops, but it did not made a difference, the IPU2 program does not transfer the image over to the projector at all.

Reading the manual does not shed any light on this matter. It is, according to the manual, a simple matter of installing the software, and connecting the projector up to the laptop via the supplied USB cable, and change the input from network to USB. (Type B is connected to the laptop, Type A is the standard USB slot for your USB flash drive).

If anybody can help us, it’ll be appreciated.


Have you tried telling the laptop to duplicate/extend/redirect video output to the projector? i am not familiar with that program or that particular model of projector, but that is the most common problem i have seen with projectors in general.

Funny enough, that was also one of the first things I’ve tried.

Will have to contact the Sony rep and ask him nicely to send a tech out to come and look at this problem.

Would guess the function only works if you have Windows XP and IE6. You are talking about a Sony product after all :wink:

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I’ve tried Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

But not XP. Will set up a PC with XP and try that out. Wanted to try an XP PC, but work kept me too busy for that.