Song of the Printerer Redux


I’ve always wondered if that could be combined with a synthesizer chip to play certain sounds instead of the beeping. Just imagine, ghost sounds, Macarena, etc.


The AOL “you have mail” voice.


Or what about “Job finished” after a successful print job… In Klingon.


Eviltron. Now available in a torturous trio named for @CryHavok. :smile:

One of the pranks $cow-orker pulled on me was to replace the Outlook new mail sound with Michael Bolton’s “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You”.


As seen on NCIS!

Say what?


Pure evil.

I bought one of the original Annoy-o-trons, but I work with a bunch of other computer nerd guys, so it didn’t take most of them long to figure it out.


M. Night Shyamalan : The Last Printerer


By the by, the Minoltas we have here, beeps on print job completed.

Wonder if that can be changed…


How am I supposed to print without you,
now that I’ve been printering so long?
How am I supposed to print without you,
now that all I’ve been printering for is gone?


This in from the unfiltered category at Not Always Right :

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I had just gotten back from a 2 week vacation, part of my job is to keep the photocopier filled with black toner .
Co-worker 1 “While you were away, (Co-worker 2) had to fill the photocopier, she got toner all over her clothes.”
Me “How did she do that? I’ve never spilled the toner anywhere”
Co-worker 1 ” Don’t know how she did, I’ve never spilled it either, but she made the company pay for her clothes”
Just then Co-worker 2 comes around the corner
Me “Hey (Co-worker 2), (name) was just telling me that you got toner all over your clothes while I was away”
Co-worker 2 “Yes, it’s ok they paid for my clothes, except for my jacket. I am sure the toner on that too.”
Me “why didn’t they pay for the jacket?”
Co-worker 2 “they reckoned they couldn’t see the toner on it, but I am sure I got it on there too. They should pay for it too”
Me “Why are you only sure it was on there?’
Co-worker 2 *just as she disappeared around the corner “Well the jacket is black, I couldn’t see it on there”
Co-worker 1 and I just cracked up.


Son, computers don’t take a core dump without a printerer.


A: "What on earth is this?"
B: “I dunno, some sort of power cable?”

Conversation overheard in the flea market while A held up a Centronics-ended cable.


Apparently, Dewalt is going to start making printerers.

“We all swear at the yellow printerer, the yellow printerer, the yellow printerer…”


Printerer, very pretty
and the output is sweet
But the tonerer of the printerer
is something you shouldn’t eat.


black tonerer = dark side of the printerer


Seen on reddit (original here):

Penny was never appreciated, But she worked hard without complain. She’d do whatever you wanted, But nobody really knew her name.

She worked tirelessly in an office, Nobody paid her any mind. Sometimes she’d get beaten, If her job wasn’t done on time.

When all her colleagues left her, She’d stay late working all alone. She could’ve gone to other places, But this office she made her home.

Her job made her very happy, She couldn’t wait to wake up from her sleep. She’d wait for her boss to get to work, Their relationship was unique.

Her boss would give her tasks, And she’d happily oblige. She’d always stay professional, Even if her boss was mean sometimes.

Penny had a lot of skills, An artist by decision. She’d create beautiful images, And ghost write with pure precision.

She’d do exactly what her boss wanted, But got blamed if things went wrong. Somedays she’d contemplate not working, But she knew work was where she belonged.

After years of being unappreciated, Penny suddenly fell ill. Her boss would ask what was wrong, She would cower over and sit silently still.

She stopped and wanted to sleep all day, Her boss started feeling worried. Her boss called the doctor to do a checkup, And the doctor came in a hurry.

The doctor checked on Penny, Trying to find out what was going on. Maybe Penny just had enough, From being abused for way too long.

The boss threatened to fire her, Told her to straighten up and get back to work. The doctor started to realize, That Penny’s boss was a stupid jerk.

The doctor comforted Penny and told her, “Don’t worry. Your situation isn’t hopeless”. He checked on Penny’s stomach, And came up with an immediate diagnosis.

The boss asked what was up, If Penny would ever get better. The doctor said “it’s hard for her to work, Since you hardly ever fed her”.

All she does is write and draw, And spit out everything you ask. You simply press a button, Without questions performs your tasks.

Penny doesn’t ask for much, Bringing all your thoughts to life everyday. But if you expect her to print out that stuff, Fill up her freaking paper tray.

The boss felt stupid and embarrassed, And vowed from this day on. To treat Penny with respect, And make her feel that she belonged.

Penny went back to work, Ready light flashing like a smile. Her paper tray was always filled, Always working that extra mile.

From that day on and days after that, Penny was treated very sweet. At the end of the day her boss would look back at her, And smiled as the light came on for her to “Sleep”.

Penny the passionate printer, Unappreciated, selfless, working tirelessly everyday. Her job is to make our thoughts come to life, Just make sure there’s paper in her tray.


^ beautiful!

wipes tear


The BOFH does printerers…


That was… just beautiful. Thanks for sharing :smile:


Secret Agent, wuh-wah
Super Printerer wuh-wah
Secret Agent, wuh-wah
Super Printerer wuh-wah