Song of the Printerer Redux


It looks like the printerer went postal.


This happened.


Bwahahaha! :smiley:


That’s, um, something of a health hazard.


Mmm, Ricoh.
Looks like someone was poking around to see how the tonerer comes out of the cartridge - it has a little plunger at the end to seal it in. Thankfully, most Ricohs don’t have waste cartridges any more, or not user-accessible ones, at least not when I was working on them 8 years ago. (Geez, has it been that long?)


I am very pleased to reassure you all that this is not my photo… but it left an imprint on my mind. :wink:


How do you clean up a tonerer spill like that?

Hazmat suit and hazmat vacuum cleaner? Or just nuke the whole building from orbit with a Tsar Bomba?


A lot of white-out.


Industrial-strength roomba? :smile:


Would that be the Tsar Roomba?


Tsar Bomba would be easier.

Generally, toner is smaller than regular dust. Plus it is flammable. Because of these two things, it is a bad idea to try to use a regular vacuum cleaner to cleanup spills. Copier techs have vacuums with special filters that will catch small particles (I used filters rated from 2 to 5 microns) and grounding contacts to dissipate static build up from the hose. The filters are not cheap, but necessary. I’ve been to a couple offices where they had tried to do their own cleanup (which is totally natural if you don’t know better) and had caused meltdowns in the vacuum cleaners’ motors. One place said they heard a pop, but usually the toner gets sucked into the inside of the motor, gets ignited by a spark, and either melts the plastic coatings on the inner parts/windings. I actually witnessed one where the vacuum’s exhaust looked like it was blowing on a sparkler with little shooting stars and flames blowing out. It was neat to watch, but I made them stop. And @Ook was right - it often happened when they were trying to reuse waste toner. Also not a good idea, because it can have contaminants that can ruin the drum.


Ohhh, I just imagined a two foot tall Roomba, going through piles of toner shooting out tails of sparks and flames while making a roaring popping noise.

Really, where is the downside to a Tsar Roomba?


With a slo-mo camera and Baby Metal playing in the background, with American flags waving over it all.


All alone at the end of a split shift
And the status lights now glowing red
I was thinking about a print queue I’d be working
Until I was dead…

You know I’ve never been a schemer
(Work and I do my job)
Folks think that’s strange
(and that I’m just a slob)

But the reams I’ve seen lately
Keep on churning out, so I’m burning out
And turning out the same

So get me so me help here
Before I resign
Don’t send it to the print queue one more time

You can spend all your time making budgets
But you won’t ever pay overtime
If I fell to pieces tomorrow
Could you print one line?

And when you’ve run out of toner
(Manglement doesn’t care)
And you can find the fuser
(Can’t find it anywhere)

When there’s none down in receivin’
You keep calling back, you stalling hack
You’re calling back for more

So get me some help here
Before I resign
Don’t send it to the print queue one more time

Send it to the print queue
Send it to the print queue
Send it to the print queue one more time


Send it to the queue one more time!!!


Is that the near queue, or the far queue?




Lovely if $luser have multiple printerers setup… and send a critical/official/confidential document somewhere else… :smiley:


Black fuserer unit just dieded on us.

Printered a big A3 sheet with this on, and put it on the printerer…

Until the technician arrives and sort the printerer out…


Cousin Wash, where’s Cora?

Couldn’t say. Mrs. Hogwallop up and P-R-I-N-T-E-R-E-D.