Song of the Printerer Redux


Oh my old man’s a Printerer,
He has a paper tray,
He wears a cor blimey asset tag
And his power cable’s frayed.

One day as he was printering
He halted a user’s queue,
It wasn’t long before said luser came down
With paper reams, times two.
“What do you think you’re playing at?” he said
As the luser raised all hell,
“If you want your job to be printered
I’ll need some tonerer, please, as well!”


20 000 Printerers under the sea

Journey to the Center of the Printerer


They mostly printerer at night. Mostly.


It was big.

It was black.

It sat by itself, all alone, in a dark corner of the basement where few ventured.

It was a printerer.

[cue roll of thunder]


Ma’am, when I woke up this morning, I didn’t want to be a printerer. You just pressed my print button.


I. I Printerer. I Printerer Stopped.
I. I Printerer. I Printerer got Rebooted.
I. I Printerer. I Printerer is Printering!


A Printerer who printered the printerer
tried to printerer two Printerers to printerer
Said the two to their Printerer:
“Is it harder to printerer,
Or to printerer two Printerers to printerer?”


What happens in the printerer stays in the printerer.



Star Trek : The Printerer on the Edge of Foreverer

(unable to cancel extremely large printerer job)


PC Load Letterer? What the fuck does that mean?


@Force10 - it means that you’re trying to jam A4-sized paperer (or any other non-letterer size) on a printerer that’s set for letterer… have it frequently at my work when you don’t check the printerer driverer settings after installation…


That was an Office Space reference. :smile:


Ook, don’t look up, you’ll catch a joke square in the forehead.


It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are printered.


Who’s the printerer here?

I’m the printerer, and so’s my wife!!


Your overconfidence is your weakness.

Your faith in your printerers is yours!


Darth Printerer: I find your lack of tonerer disturbing…


Kind to your tonerer be. For when it is gone, miss it you will.


Strange women lying in ponds distributing printerers is no basis for a system of government!


Song: Printerer’s living in Paradise
Album: Be As You are (Songs From An Old Blue Chair) (2005
Artist: Kenny Chesney