Song of the Printerer Redux


Trask: Why didn’t you tell us all this on the purchase requisition that day?

Tess: Well, no one was gonna listen, sir, not to me. I mean, you can order toner plenty, once you’ve got the printerer, but not while you’re trying to get one. And if you’re someone like me, you can’t order a printerer without the toner.

Trask: Mmm. You’ve got a lot of print jobs stacked up in your queue. How did you create it anyway?

Tess: I’m not sure what you mean. I have a few print jobs, but I think they’re a normal amount.

Trask: I mean, are you willing to go out on that limb every day, working with us? Legitimately?

Tess: Yes, sir.

Trask: Have to be a base model. Any problem with that?

Tess: No, sir.

Trask: Printerering, Miss McGill.

Tess: Yes, sir.


When you reinstall macOS on both machines, and Holly (the newer machine) is all “mmm hey, I found a Samsung multifunction printer scanner!” and GLaDOS (the older machine) waits a good ten minutes before going “hey! A generic network printer! Look you can see how much ink there is!”

…yeah after hours of installing specific drivers, GLaDOS still refuses to believe there’s a scanner there.


Will George call it a scannerer then?


I should hope so. Printerer and scannerer and faxerer,


Don’t forget the tonerer.


Not actually songs, but a google+ thread on printerers and tonerers…


Gots a Samsung CLP-315 printerer here. Switched it on, then faffed about somewhere else.

Smelt something hot, traced it to the samsung printerer. It is overheating.

Switched it off and unplugged it. Will have fun tomorrow with BIG BALLS OF FIRE!!!


I have exactly the same one at home. I keep it on all the time. Maybe I’ll try turning it off and then only on again when I actually need a print. It’s hooked up to the NAS as a print server now, so that should help.



Has “Oh, it’s on fire, it must be a [brand]” officially switched from Sony to Samsung yet?


I’ve heard some not so great reports about their major appliances, too, but usually it is just control boards failing… you know, without actually catching on fire.


I… chickened out.

Switched it on, but switched it off when the smell became too noticeable.


Correction. Ours is a CLP-320. It’s 5 better than yours.


Saw this and thought of this thread.





I actually had someone call in and ask if smoke coming from the printer was bad. My response was something like ‘Well, like most things they work better when not on fire…’ All I could hear after that was the laughter on the other side of the wall. I also had to do a desk side visit when someone complained about smoke coming out of a monitor (one of the big ones in the late 90’s). I traced that back to a faulty capacitor. That was also the day I found out those still hold a charge long after they are unplugged and with enough juice to knock a grown man on his ass.





Been there, done that. Ah the '90s


Just be thankful there’s low amperage. When I was helping rebuild my parents house I mistakenly thought that turning off the Isolator and removing the Mains Fuse (a huge 60A cartridge that has its own isolated board before the Circuit Box) would save me from getting zapped as I happily cut through all the old now-illegal cables with a pair of clippers.

Snip… snip… snip… snip… BANG.

So I woke up several minutes later on the other side of the room, with a melted shoe where the mains had used me as a bridge to an exposed heating pipe. I still have nerve damage in my right arm from that, and I had several months of physio to get motion back. Found out afterwards that yes, I had isolated everything correctly, just like you do with a cathode tube.

What did I forget to do?

I forgot to disconnect the old mains supply from the estate, doy!


Wow, man. That’s… ouch. Wow.


Had my share of 220V shocks, and it was not a nice experience.

At one of my ex-employment (chemical firm) electrician let his spanner touch two live busbars by accident - he was hospitalized for a week for the burns.

220V/240V is fine, I can handle the connections, but 340V (and higher)… nein danke…